How To Check MTN Data Balance in Nigeria

Are you looking for how to check your MTN data balance? This is a complete guide on how to check MTN data balance whether via SMS or USSD code or other means.

Finish reading this guide to know how to check your subscription balance irrespective of the subscription and whether you are a new user. See MTN Night Plan: How To Activate & Check Balance

About MTN Data Balance

Being one of the best internet service providers, MTN offers different data for different tariff plans at affordable rates. Depending on the type of data subscription you do, you can monitor your data balance without stress.

All you need to do is to identify the subscription plan and know the USSD code or trick to check it. Check How To Cancel MTN Auto-Renewal Of Data: Quick Guide

Find below different methods you can use to access your Data balance.

How To Check MTN Data Balance in Nigeria

Here are different ways you can use to check your subscription data balance.

1. Checking Via USSD Code

To use the USSD code for data balance, you need to know the particular data subscription before checking. Below are the different USSD codes for checking the Data balance for MTN.

  • Press *131*4# to check MTN mobile data bundle balance
  • Press *559# to check all data balances for MTN.
  • Dial *461# to check SME MTN share subscription balance
  • Press *559*25# to check the GoodyBag Social Bundle balance.

2. Checking Via SMS

Similarly, you can check your data balance via SMS. Just ensure you are sent the right message(s) to the service provider. Find below how to check data balance via SMS.

  • To check SME share data balance send DATABALANCE to 131
  • Send STATUS to 21600 to check MTN subscription blackberry balance
  • Text 403 to 131 for MTN Goodybag balance
  • Send 2 or BALANCE to 131 to check all your data balance

3. By Calling MTN Customer Care Number

Have you tried any of the above USSD codes without any success? You can always call the customer care number to ask for your data balance. All you need to do is to call 180 and ask the representative for your data balance. See Codes to Check your MTN Phone Number Easily


Checking data balance is easy and fast, so far you know the code or message to send. If you follow any of the above-mentioned ways, checking your data balance shouldn’t be difficult again.

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How to check my MTN data balance?

There are many different ways you can use to check your subscription balance. You either use a USSD code or send an SMS. For a start, you can dial *559# or send BALANCE to 131 to check.

What is MTN data balance USSD code?

Dial *131*4# or *559# to access your MTN subscription balance.

What is MTN SME subscription balance USSD code

Dial *461# and follow the screen prompt to check.

How to check MTN data balance via SMS?

Send 2 or BALANCE to 131 to check your data balance.

How to check MTN subscription bonus?

Press *559# on your phone to check your MTN data bonus.