Top 10 Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

With more than a dozen different types of beaches to choose from, Lagos is a beachgoer’s paradise. Getting to a beach that is further out from Lekki, Lagos, will cost you more money. We would be talking about the popular Beaches In Lagos Nigeria yo should consider visiting with their location, features, charge per adult, and lots more along the following coastline: Tarkwa bay, ilashe, Eleko, Oniru, and Ogbombo (Ajah).

Top 10 Beaches In Lagos Nigeria

Landmark Beach, Oniru

Oniru Landmark Beach, is the first on our list of Beaches In Lagos Nigeria – owned by the Water Corporation of Lagos, is Nigeria’s first premium beach and home to the country’s first-ever floating inflatable Water Park. If you’re looking for a well-run public beach in Lekki, go no further than this one.

It costs N2000 per adult and N1000 for children under 13 to enter Landmark beach; the seats are also N2000, but there is no cover.

Corkage fines can go up to N45,000, depending on the number of coolers you’re carrying, while the cost of renting a cabana is N25,000.

Eleko Beach

In spite of its remote location, beachgoers travel long distances for the exceptional value and service that can be found at La Campaigne Tropicana, an all-inclusive resort and beach in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to the gorgeous environment, the beach boasts the longest swimming pool in Africa sighted within its borders, making it an ideal location for a picnic.

After the Dangote refineries in Eleko, this beach can be reached by boat or by taking a 3-hour journey from Lekki to Eleko. Take a look inside La Campaigne Tropicana with the help of the following video.

La Campaigne Tropicana’s entrance charge is N6000, which includes the corkage fee.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

A boat is required to reach Tarkwa Bay, Lagos’s second most popular beach, which can only be reached by water. Tarkwa is an attractive beach to visit because of the fun cruise you can take there. From N500 for a banana boat ride to N7000 per person, depending on the type of boat you choose, you may get to Tarkwa Bay.

The beachfront is what most people think of when they hear the phrase “I’m heading to Tarkwa Bay Beach,” however there are other companies like Lighthouse Beach House, POP Beach House, and Jaybee Beach House on the beachfront. 

Tarkwa Bay charges an N1000 entrance fee, but you must hire chairs, speakers, and tents if you plan to spend any time there. Seats and tents can cost anything from N1,000 to N5,000, depending on where you buy them from.

Elegushi Beach

This is Lagos’ most popular beach, however, the management here is appalling. Eleguishi’s restrooms are sparse, there are no garbage containers to dispose of waste, and the area is always packed and noisy. This is a great beach to visit if you enjoy the energy and activity of a large crowd yet are on a budget.

For an all-inclusive beachfront experience, you may wish to check out the lounges at Elegushi beach including Wave Beach, Skyfall Lounge, 100% Bar and Lounge, Mood lounge, and the like.

In addition to the N2000 entry price for adults and N1000 for children, visitors to Elegushi must rent seats, music speakers, and tents to enjoy the festival. According to the seller, you buy it from, the cost of seats and tents ranges from N1000 to N5000.

Lekki Leisure Lake

Landmark, Oniru beach, and Elegushi are all located on the same coastline as Lekki leisure lake, however, it lacks the variety of enjoyable activities that can be found at landmarks. It’s ideal for those on a tight budget who also like pristine beaches, peace, and companionship.

The chicken and fries at the Lekki leisure lake are among the best on the coast. Oniru Beach’s entrance cost is 1000 Naira per person.

Santa Cruz Beach

You may have a low-cost birthday celebration on the beach in Santa Cruz if you plan ahead. It’s easy to find horses to ride on the beach, and there are plenty of seashells to collect.

If you want to bring in food and beverages, you’ll have to pay an additional price of N5,000 to the Santa Cruz Beach entrance fee.

Barracuda Beach and Atican Beach

Barracuda beach is a well-known public beach in Lagos, Nigeria, because it is free to use. Many people prefer Barracuda Beach for a variety of reasons, including ample parking, friendly staff, and reasonable rates for hosting a beach party. See shell picking and horseback riding are two popular activities on this beach.

A corkage cost of 1000 Naira must be paid in addition to the entry fees for Barracuda Beach and Atican Beach, but this is negotiable.

Jara Beach

Located in the Lagos Trade Free Zone, Jara beach is a private and pre-booked location. There are just six rooms available for rent, but they are well worth the money. The beach is secluded and private, and the surrounding area is spotless and inviting.

Visitors’ waste is recycled, the pool is spotless, and the food is consistently excellent. Jara beach charges N27,750 for a day entrance.

Ilashe Private Beach

The Amuwo Odofin coastline’s Ilashe beach features a number of exclusive beach residences. The most popular private beach in Lagos, by far, is Ilashe. In contrast to the bustle of the city, it’s peaceful and tranquil, and the locals are nice and courteous.

Getting to Ilashe requires a boat voyage of about 40 minutes from Lekki. Speedboats, banana boats, and luxury boats are available at Lekki, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi; at the CMS ferry terminal, banana boats are widely available.

The cost of a Banana boat ride to Ilashe Beach is N1000 per person, whereas the cost of a speedboat or luxury boat is N8000 per person. ilashe boat rides can be expensive, so here’s a guide on how to save money.

Because ilashe beach is a private beach, you’ll need to reserve a beach house in order to access the sand. Ilashe Beach houses cost between N300,000 and N1,000,000 naira. Take a look at the pricing of beachfront properties in Ilashe in this post.

Kuramo Beach

The Kurama lagoon’s southern shore is home to this sandy beach. It used to be a hotspot for piracy and other illegal activities, such as prostitution.

As a result, the area has evolved into a more family-friendly destination, with water sports facilities and outdoor bars and grills thus adding it to the list of Beaches In Lagos Nigeria. The 18-story KBR residence structure, which overlooks the Kuramo beach, is the area’s most well-known icon.

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