Nigeria Drivers License: Requirements and How Much It Cost

Getting the Nigeria Drivers License is quite easy and can be gotten within a day(temporary driving license) so far you meet the requirements. You can either apply for the Nigeria driving license online or by visiting the nearest FRSC office.

Nigeria Driver License is the license that gives you the right to drive anywhere in Nigeria including the highways. It’s a must to have a driving license before you can start driving. Below is a full guide on the requirements, amounts, and how to get your Nigeria Driving Licence.

Nigeria Drivers License: Requirements and How Much It Cost

Whether you want to apply for your Nigeria driving license online or physically, it’s a must you have the following requirements before applying.

  • Driving School Certificate With a Learner Permit
  • VIO test Certificate
  • Eye Test Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Acknowledgment Slip for payment

Driving School Certificate and Learner Permit

Before you can decide to apply for a driver’s license in Nigeria, you must have obtained a certificate from an accredited driving school. This is important in learning the ropes and skills of driving with good knowledge of road signs. Especially from an expert and not just learning from someone.

You will be inspected by the Vehicle Inspection Officer after completing the required driving lessons. To ascertain your level of knowledge and proficiency.

Once you passed the test, a certificate will be issued to you with a learner’s permit. This is necessary to obtain your Nigeria Driver’s license. Depending on the School, it usually costs at least N8000.

VIO Test Certificate

This is gotten from the Vehicle Inspection Office in the Driver Licence Commission(DLC) office. Mainly after your application. VIO Test certificate costs N1000

Eye Test Certificate

This is gotten from the FRSC-approved clinic after subjecting your eyes to the necessary test. It’s to confirm that you can see clearly and are fit to Drive. This cost nothing less than N500.

Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age From Court

It’s necessary to certify that you are above 18 years of age and can drive.

Acknowledgment Slip for payment

It serves as evidence of payment.

How To Apply For A Nigeria Driver Licence

You can apply for your driver’s license in Nigeria by visiting the FRSC office nearest to you or doing so online.

1. By Visiting the Nearest Federal Road Safety Commission(FRSC) Office

  • Visit the nearest FRSC office in your town or city.
  • Tender your driving certificate, license permit, and date of birth.
  • Request for driving license application form
  • Fill the form with the required personal details including age, name, and so on.
  • You will be given an account number to pay for the license fee after. Note: Depending on your choice of license validity; a Nigeria Driver license valid for 3 years cost N6,500 and that of 6 years costs N10,000 or more
  • You will be given a payment acknowledgement Slip after paying. We advise you to take your application form with you when going to the bank. Because you will need the application form ID for the payment.
  • After payment, proceed to the VIO office in the DLC to tender all your documents for confirmation and for the certificate.
  • Visit the Eye Clinic in the DLC or FRSC office for your test and Certificate also
  • Go back to the FRSC/DLC office where you obtained the application form.
  • Submit the photocopies of all the requirements listed above to obtain your Nigeria Driver License
  • You will also be captured for Biometric data including fingerprint, age, and other details.

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After completing all these steps, you will be issued a temporary Nigerian driver’s license. This is only valid for 60 days pending the time your permanent driving license will be ready.

2. By Applying on the Nigeria Driving License Website

  • Visit the Nigeria driving license website by clicking HERE
  • Click on DL (Driver License) Application on the website
  • From all various options displayed, click on New Driver’s License
  • You will be taken to a page where you are expected to fill in your driving school certificate number.
  • Fill in all the required details on the form displayed after
  • Pay the license fee online using your Debit Card.
  • Print out an Acknowledgement slip displayed to certify you have paid the license fee.
  • Take the acknowledgment slip with other requirements to the FRSC office and complete all the physical tests.
  • Then you will be issued your temporary Driver’s license in Nigeria which is valid for 60 days.

After 60 days, you can then go back to get your Nigeria Driver’s license. Now, you can drive anywhere in Nigeria!

How much Does Nigeria driver License Cost?

Almost every certificate on the requirements list for obtaining a driver’s license in Nigeria costs some money including the license itself. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of a Nigeria Driving license.

  • Driving School Certificate With a Learner Permit cost N8000(depending on the School).
  • VIO test Certificate costs N1000
  • Eye Test Certificate cost N500
  • The driving License Fee cost N6500 for 3 years of Validity or N 10,000 for 6 years of Validity.

The total cost of getting a Driver’s license in Nigeria costs at least 18,000 or even more depending on the FRSC office in your state. Read Also: Traffic Rules and Regulations in Nigeria

We hope you find this detailed guide on acquiring a Nigeria Driving license helpful.