10 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

The coming of online shopping sites has contributed immensely to the low patronage of the conventional brick and mortar store that has been in existence for years.

While the reasons for patronizing online stores are best known to the online buyers, one thing that’s certain is it convenient shopping.

You don’t have to go out of your room before you get all you need, with your smartphone and a connected data, you can buy anything from the comfort of your room.

Another vital reason while people shop online is the fact that the online market store has catalogs, search features, product tracking, secured payment portals, product rating, review, and customer care. All of which are hard to find in a physical store.

However, there are numerous online market store and places in Nigeria that are doing fine and great, the following are the most trusted and reliable among them all.


Jumia online store is no doubt the best online marketplace in Nigeria. Established in 2012, Jumia is currently the most reliable and largest online market store in the country.

This online convenience store has millions of goods, products, and services buyers can choose from. They offer cheap and affordable prices, genuine goods with 9 different kinds of payment options.

However, the buyer can buy Food items, Gift, Fashion, Adults products, Electronics, Health products, Pets, etc on Jumia Nigeria. The online store also offers Travel, Flights, Hotel booking, and many other professional services.


Just like Jumia, Konga is the second most reliable and biggest online marketplace in Nigeria. Also established in 2012, Konga has established itself as one of the leading e-commerce websites in the whole of Nigeria.

Konga has as many as hundreds of different products and services buyers can choose from. They also allow independent sellers to partner with them by selling their products on their website.

Accordingly, there are numerous and amazing offers, deals,  discount sales, free gifts, etc. weekly on Konga. All are benefits that their potential customers are always open to.

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  1. SLOT.NG

Similarly, Slot is another forerunner and leading in Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria over the years now. They offer 7 days a week guarantee to all their visitors.

With their head office situated at 2B Medical Road, Ikeja Lagos, Slot website depicts their online market store for their potential buyers that wish to shop from the comfort of his house.

In terms of phones, computers, electronic gadgets, home appliances, and all other technological accessories, no online marketplace does it better than Slot.

Also, Slot online store sells products from other leading brands such as Apple, LG, Infinix, Techno, HP, BeatbyDre, Amazon, Haier Thermocool, and many more.

The equally sell their own Slot brands such as memory cards, USB drives, and power banks. However, Slot offers its potential customers an amazing “Deals of the day”. This is often done by reducing the price of goods for online shoppers.


Talking about the biggest and earliest online printing store in Nigeria, Printivo can never be left out. Printivo is te most patronized and best-known online print place throughout the country.

The online print venture gives free templates to its seasonal and potential customers for easy access to ideas and designs that are perfect for their use.

While this is quite different from another online market store, Prinvito delivery time is superb and all its products are quality.

Essentially, Printivo offers designers the ability to make enormous money online via the sale of their designs to their own customers throughout the world. This is achievable for both vendors and buyers via their amazing online marketplace.


Payporte online store became the order of the day in Nigeria when it sponsored the popular and highly celebrated Big Brother Naija reality show.

A reality show that attracted over 5 million of viewers across all the African continent and the world at large. As such, Payporte seized the opportunity to advertise its brand and tell the wider world more about its online market store.

However, with Payporte, you stand the chance to get almost every product you need at affordable prices from the comfort of your room.


Another online market store you can trust in Nigeria is the Parketonline. This online store is superb as it focused mainly on phones and accessories.

Market online have many popular phone models and brands, and it offers payment on delivery to it, visitors. This is in a bid to build trust and assure the safety of the parcel.

They, however, offer free shipping to all their customers in Lagos and Abuja.


Kara is another e-commerce website that deals predominately in electronics, computers, phones, and industrial kitchen equipment. It offers special discounts to all purchases made; either it’s single or bulk.

With its head office in Ikeja, Lagos. Kara has a branch in Kaduna, Kaduna State. It has a lot of products in its store among them are; livestock, health products, kid stock, and some services.


Obeezi is the leading and biggest online fashion store in the whole of Nigeria. This online fashion store built itself a good name by creating a series of adverts and awareness on various social media outlets.

The online fashion place offers all kinds of wears ranging from shoes, suits, jerseys, tracksuit, belt, perfumes, gowns, wristwatches and native attires. Obeezi almost covers all lines 9f fashion.

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In the same vein, Buyright amongst the biggest Online Shopping Sites you can trust for all kinds of heavy-duty items such as stabilizers, inverters and also,  food items, insurance, books & stationaries, clothing, phones, hotel reservations, travel, and other services.


Deluxe’s online market store is a fast-growing e-commerce platform in Nigeria. It has over 100 categories in Furniture, Electronics, home appliances and lots more.

Deluxe’s online market store is determined to give its customers and all online shoppers a unique online shopping experience.

In conclusion, be enlightened that the top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria listed above were picked based on the customers’ reviews, products, patronage and customers satisfactions.


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