How To Effectively Stop Corruption In Nigeria

What is corruption? If we are going to successfully Stop Corruption In Nigeria, we must know what it entails.

According to Wikipedia: Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement though it may also involve practices that are legal in many countries.”

Nigeria has remained stagnant due to corruption from virtually every part of the country. It can be seen in from the secondary school level, where invigilators collect money from students to help them write their SSCE.

Jamb officials also do same, universities collect bribe to admit students and the ones who merit it, never get it. These blockheads who bought their way into the University struggle to follow up and resort to paying cash or kind to pass at school.

When this phase finishes, they move to NYSC stage and sort their posting to a state of their choice and end up wasting a whole year which could have been used for productivity. In the end, it’s time to get a job, they apply through their family connection or pay in kind and get the job.

As workers, they collect bribe and extort people, why do they do this? It is because this way of life is all they know, they have little control over it. They go on to join politics and are elected into political offices, at this point they cannot learn honesty and abide by their manifestos, they must take all they can to better the lives of their 13th generation yet unborn.

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Just like this, the circle continues and we all pay for it. We lack basic amenities, there are still uneducated children in this country, and nobody maintains structures.

How can Stop Corruption In Nigeria?

Law Reforms

in some countries, the punishment for corruption is imprisonment, no matter how small. The law needs to impose stricter punishment for corruption to make it less attractive. Legislators should not earn so much, they are civil servants for God’s sake. Political offices should not be an avenue to become rich, but one to serve the people and make an impact on their lives. The police and other law enforcement bodies need to be well paid as well, that way we can reduce the corruption on their part.

Transparency in Government

The people of a country should be able to see all the policies and expenditures of the government and criticize the same. This way, corruption can be discouraged.

Independent Judiciary

This point cannot be overemphasized, the judiciary needs independence to be able to function properly in checking the excesses of the executive. In Nigeria, this independence is only in theory and not in practice.

The last point I will like to make is that we as people, need to change. We need to discourage corruption because it begins with us. Refuse corruption, don’t support it when it favors you only, by doing this we can purge the country of corruption and move forward for once.

These are my personal ideas if you would like to share yours please comment and share, thank you.


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