Top 10 Profitable Handwork For Nigerians To Learn In 2020

Profitable Handwork For Nigerians to Learn

As always, this article will highlight the best, lucrative and profitable handwork For Nigerians to learn and venture into on their own and become an entrepreneur in Nigeria.

This handwork if mastered, there are lots of opportunities that’ll come out of it. So your ability to stick glue and exercise patients with it will eventually pay.

Without further delay, the following are the top handwork you can do and make money in Nigeria in 2020.

  1. Tailoring

Tailoring or fashion Design as popular knowns as one of the best handworks profitable handwork For Nigerians to learn. The business has been in existence and profitable from time immemorial and it’ll continue to be till future unknown.

  1. Graphic Design

This is another beautiful and lucrative handwork you can learn to make money off your own in 2020. With adequate experience, you can earn decently both online and offline with this handwork.

  1. Hair Barbing

Learning how to barb is as easy as easy could be. The handwork is lucrative and comes with a lot of profit. After all, people barb their heads every day and they’re always ready to pay a decent price so far your expertise is okay.

  1. Hair Dressing

Hair Dressers are making enough money each day, just like the barbers. Learning how to make a woman’s hair look gorgeous is what ladies of nowadays are ready to pay for.

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  1. Makeup

If you love to become a makeup artist, you can learn the art for 4 months and voila… establish your own makeup studio. Ladies can spend thousands just to bring out the beauty in them.

  1. Photography

If you have a good hand and eyes for the camera, you can establish a steady income out of it. Events and ceremonies unfold in Nigeria on a daily basis and there’s usually need for a photographer.

  1. Phone Repair

Also, another handwork you can do with ease and earn decent money in Nigeria is phone repair. Every household uses a phone in the country, and when the phones develop a fault, there will be a need for a repairman to fill the void.

  1. Website Design

This is another profitable business you can earn big within Nigeria. People create blog and website every now and then and they’ll keep creating till kingdom call. So you don’t have to be an expert before you start making money from this handwork.

  1. Baking

The rate at which Nigerians celebrate birthdays and other parties are jaw-dropping and as such, there are usually some bakes involved. So learning how to bake different stuff is profitable and lucrative in Nigeria.

Subjects to your convenience, you can learn how to bake cake or doughnuts or bread, etc. And you can decide to learn all.

  1. Automobile Repair

Mechanic as they’re fondly called in Nigeria. This is another wonderful and profitable handwork Nigerians to learn to establish a free flow of income in this 2020. After all, countless numbers of people use car, and people can’t do without visiting the automobile workshop on a daily basis.

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