10 Best Universities to Study International Relations in Nigeria

To inform our readers on the top higher education school to go to if you feel the need to study this specific degree anywhere in Nigeria, this post lists the top 10 best Universities to Study International Relations in Nigeria.

An interdisciplinary subject, International Relations covers topics of political science, history, and international studies. State-to-state relations are studied in this area of research. For this course to be fully understood, it must also touch on some elements of the humanities and social sciences.

Diplomacy, global affairs, politics, international policies, and law are just a few of the topics covered in this discipline. Graduates of this discipline have the opportunity to work in government parastatals and top international organizations such as embassies.

With that stated, let’s take a look at some of Nigeria’s top institutions for studying international relations. Please read on.


In no particular order, the following are the top 10 universities in Nigeria where you may study international relations:


International relations are taught at Covenant University in Nigeria’s Ogun State town of Ota. One of the three departments that comprise the College of Leadership Development Studies is the Department of Political Science and International Relations at this tertiary education institution.

It was only in October 2002 that PSI was established as a separate Department. It has had a few name changes.

Department of Strategic Studies was its original name (DSS). Policy and Strategic Studies was the new name for the department in the 2005/2006 academic year (DPSS).


It is also possible to study International Relations at AfeBabalola University, which is another top institution in Nigeria. International Relations and Diplomacy are one of the top departments at this private school in Nigeria.

College of Social and Management Sciences (SMS), one of the school’s founding colleges, houses this department.

Graduates of Afe Babalola University’s International Relations and Diplomacy program are equipped with the information and analytical abilities necessary to make sense of current events, succeed in any professional setting, and have a positive influence on society.


You may also wish to explore Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife if you plan to study International Relations in Nigeria IR&D is part of the Faculty of Administration.

Under the old Institute of Administration, this Department was a postgraduate unit established for research and administration. When it finally became a full-blown department in 1976, it became the first one of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa.


It’s not only Harvard University that teaches International Relations. The Department of History and International Relations is part of the Faculty of Environment, Social, and Management Sciences of the University of California, Berkeley.

As a National Universities Commission (NUC) recognized institution, this school strives to be a center of excellence in the field of international relations.


This department of the University of Benin places great emphasis on the importance of research in its teaching processes so that its students may become self-sufficient and flourish in whatever field in which they find themselves.

The department also recognizes the need to create historians who are diverse and knowledgeable about international relations, so they may make a positive contribution to national and global growth. As a student of International Relations, you have made a good decision by choosing UNIBEN.


It is part of the Faculty of Arts of the Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu. There, students may develop their knowledge of international relations through homework, library study, guided visits of heritage places, and original research into authorized subjects. There are also free university lectures and word lists as a means of competence.

As a result of this curriculum, students will become well-rounded citizens who are open to a more evolved democratic society. Student trainees will feel right at home in the world of work, where creativity, competence, and education propel nations forward.

Politicians and professors may be found in the department of history, international studies, and diplomacy at Godfrey Okoye University. Embassy and consular positions are also available to them.


Lagos State’s Caleb University is another Nigerian university where you may study International Relations. One of the country’s most reputable private universities, The Department of Political Science and International Relations is home to this field.


Oduduwa University in Ipetumodu, Osun State, is another top-ranking university in the country for International Relations.

Once students have graduated and served their country, they will be needed by a number of national and international organizations. Oduduwa University’s Department of International Relations is situated under the College of Management Sciences.


It is the idea of Obong University’s Department of International Relations to create graduates who will be able to successfully contribute to national development as well as comprehend its international aspects.

These include: Educating students to be able to analyze and research international affairs and developing a critical outlook on questions relating to theory and practice of political activities at the international level, as well as strategic/econometric considerations.

Located in Akwa Ibom State, this prestigious private institution in Nigeria has international ties.


Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara State, is the last on our list of the top 10 finest universities in Nigeria to study international relations.

Department of Political Science and International Relations’ aim is to develop well-trained solution providers, leaders, and reformers who will address the world’s many concerns/problems. Think-tank role in the agricultural revolution at the University. A dream come true, studying this subject at this school.


Here are the top Best universities you can study international relations here in Nigeria and what you need to know about the course.

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