5 Reasons You Get Rejected From Job Interviews

Have you ever wondered what are the possible Reasons You Get Rejected From Job Interviews in the past? I have heard quite a number of people lamenting and crying for being rejected at an interview for a job they are well qualified for.

Getting a job in one of those offices of your dream could be sometimes an easy thing to achieve if only you had known some of their job interview ethics and logic.

When people get rejected for several job interviews, Nigerians most especially and as usual, are quick to attribute the unpleasant circumstance to one old woman, uncle or friend turned enemy in the village as the cause of their challenges.

Well, not disputing the possibility of someone standing as a hindrance to your progress, have you also checked on your errors? have you reviewed your applications? have you tried to coin out a possible reason for the rejections?

Some Company CEOs are impressed and interested not only in your academic qualifications but also in your morality.

Reasons You Get Rejected From Job Interviews

Yes, it is true that having a very good curriculum vitae/resume helps in getting you that your dream job, but there is more to it these days. Talking about CV, make sure you check out our post on The Best Fonts To Use On Your CV/Resume.

Let’s check some possible reasons you get rejected from job interview you are qualified below.

1. Misleading Emails

Most applicants are not careful with the kinds of emails they use on their CV/Resume and while forwarding their job applications.

You can not be applying for a job and then your emails read like these; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and so on…

Are you serious? Of course not. Help yourself by getting a good email address like; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Using a combination of your full name or its abbreviation and numbers to make up an email shows some sign of a responsible person you are and not the other way round.

In addition to that above, check out also our previous post on Things You Should Never Include on Your CV and see a list of other things you are to ensure never makes it to your CV at all cost.

2. Social Media Activities

This sounds strange but true. A lady recently shared her experience that confirms that CEOs use applicants’ social media activities to decide whether to take them in or not.

According to her, she applied for a job in a reputable organization and was alongside others called for an interview. Getting to her turn during the interview, she was left abased when the board showed her a video of her twerking on social media.

The company took the video against her as being irresponsible.

You can only imagine that pain, that feeling. However, this must-have taught her a big lesson, and never will she be defeated by such a mistake again in her lifetime.

3. Attitude at Interview Meetings

It is no longer news that some company bosses can go extremely to the point of pretending to be a cleaner or even a gateman in their own organization when they want to employ new staff.

Some of them will engage you with talks at the entrance of the company or while seating at the reception just before the main interview. Your reaction to their unreasonable questions or gist can either earn you the job or send you out.

4. Religious Confusions

Why it is good to pray or even fast before interview meetings at it help you prepare spiritually, however, ensure you prepare physically. Don’t go to job interviews all religious but forgetting to put in the work.

5. Rigidity with Ideas

We live in a dynamic world so, therefore, learn to be creative and dynamic. The problem facing many companies are not found in books, so while you know your professional principles, learn to be dynamic and also how to creatively apply them specifically towards the companies’ needs and growth.


You must learn to be sensitive and careful when going for a job interview. Get the ethics and be smart. Else, you will keep getting turned down even with the best qualification and experience.

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