Top 10 Lucrative Business Opportunities In Telecom Industry

Do you that there are many Untapped Business Opportunities In Telecom industry? The untrained eye would look at the telecoms industry and wonder how its investors even make their money in the first place. Many think that those that delve into the network operation services only look to make money via sales of SIM packs and recharge cards but you could not be farther from the truth.

Glo, one of the telecoms giants in Africa, is one of the main reasons why Chief Mike Adenuga is one of the top ten richest in the country and among the richest in the continent too. Becoming a mobile network operator is not the only way to break into the telecoms industry and asides from that, we have other nine business opportunities in the telecoms sector for you.

Top 10 Lucrative Business Opportunities In Telecom Industry

1. Sales of Smartphones

In this century, technology has made it so that mobile phones and devices can handle nearly all, if not all, of what your laptops and desktops computers used to do, and this has put them in great demand in the ever dynamic market. for this reason, it would be profitable for you to venture into the sales of smartphones. You can import them at even cheap prices and sell them at the prevalent market prices which ensures huge returns.

2. Call Center Agents

Businesses can never please everyone at the same time and as such, there are bound to be calls from customers. To reduce the running costs of having to hire additional hands, businesses now outsource the work to freelance agents to handle it. you could be that freelance agent.

3. Airtime Sales

There is no day someone somewhere doesn’t make a call, send a text, or subscribe to a data plan (or any other network provided a plan for that matter) that’s the beauty of the telecom industry. For this reason, there is always a high and constant demand for recharge cards. With the bulk rate of these cards set at a convenient price, you would equally make a lot in selling in either wholesale or retail units.

4. Bulk SMS

Businesses usually love to keep in touch with their customers and fan base to inform them of promos, new offers, and changes and keep them abreast of situations and the telecom business provides the solution. This means that they would need a form of contact and bulk SMS is what many of them look at. As a bulk SMS service provider, you would even cater to schools, churches, classes, etc. and make cool money

5. Network Provider Services

This is as we stated above. If you have a lot of money to invest and you have seen that the network situation in your country or region is not at full capacity yet, you can obtain a license and start your own network provision service too. Read Also; Top 10 Best Internet Network Providers In Nigeria.

6. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a streamlined form of internet marketing that focuses on people who access their internet with their smartphones more, which refers to a huge majority of people. Industries are looking to get their products out to these kinds of people and if you know how your expertise would be valued.

7. Angel Investing

Angel Investing is easy but requires that you know how to check out the prospects of a business. If you have some funds that you are not putting to any use, invest them into an already existing business in the telecom industry and you would have set up a continuous flow of income, letting your money work for you.

8. Affiliate Marketing

There are various online markets where phones are sold and since the sales are in very high demand, set up an affiliate link to many websites that are legit and offer phones for sale and with every sale they get through you, you earn a percentage in commission.

9. Internet Service

Many would think that this kind of business is outdated but it is still in practice, especially around industrial and school areas. You can set up a simple cybercafé with some computers where people would come to surf the internet and pay you for the time used.

10. Data Reselling

Data is hotcakes these days and people can’t seem to get enough thus making it among the Lucrative business opportunities in the telecom industry. Many are usually running out of subscriptions before the end date and you could make this stop. Register to be a data reselling agent can offer extra chunks of data to customers at cheap prices. This business is particularly viable in schools and other student-populated environments.