5 Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow

This article is focused on providing you with Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow. Talking about cash flow management, which of course is a paramount task for every business owner to carry out.

Maintaining a positive cash flow is a sign that the business is growing and an indication of a healthy business. In order to keep managing your cash flow effectively, we have taken to the task to provide in this piece of informative writing some Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow.

Read through this article from beginning to end to learn all you can on how to manage your cash flow.

5 Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow

Maintaining a positive cash flow is important and a great task for businesses. A positive cash flow shows how healthy financially your business is.

In addition, maintaining a positive cash flow also indicates that your business is performing well and better. To help you achieve this task, we have put together 5 important Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow. Take a look at the highlight below.

  1. Spend your seed-money wisely
  2. Manage & keep All expenses in check
  3. Manage and Track your receivables
  4. Provide Measures to get paid by clients
  5. Use necessary technology to stay afloat

1. Spend Your Venture-Capital Wisely

Among the Cash Flow Management Strategies, we consider to be very important is your attitude towards spending, especially your venture capital.

At the startup of your business, it can be fascinating and tempting to invest almost all you have straight away to ensure your business gets up and running almost immediately.

As good as this sounds, it is not an ideal step to take, the reason being that the success of your business relies on the ability to perform for the long term. It is wise of you not to spend all your money when starting up your business so as to avoid so that you won’t be left defenseless when challenges or unexpected risks arise in the future.

Therefore, to maintain positive cash flow in your business, especially when just starting out, we recommend that you spend your seed money wisely and set aside a percentage of your money for future expenditure.

2. Manage & Keep all Expenses in Check

Taking us further in our discussion on Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow is another vital tip and that is to manage and keep all expenses in check. It is important and wise of you to resist the urge of spending aimlessly, especially on things that are not necessary so that you wouldn’t find yourself in a financial constraint that may affect your business.

Businesses need cash to continue to function and that is why you must be careful how you spend your earnings. Don’t ever spend your profit, if you must spend, it should be on things that will foster the business.

Therefore, to make sure you are in a safe financial position regards to your expenditure, you have to keep track of all expenses made (even the smallest ones) and prepare to cut down your expenses if need be.

If you don’t manage your expenses and keep track of them, you can find yourself in a financial mess making this strategy one of the effective Cash Flow Management Strategies you need to consider.

Also in order to ensure your business spends less is by reviewing regularly your business spending so that you can note where you can cut down spending so as to maintain a positive cash flow.

3. Manage and Track your Receivables

As we continue to unveil some of the Cash Flow Management Strategies that will help keep your business in a healthy state, you need to find means of managing your receivables.

Make sure you monitor clients who owe your business money and do all you can to make sure they make payment; you can start by sending out your invoices on time.

Therefore, in order to maintain positive cash flow in your business, you should ensure you manage your receivables more closely by keeping a detailed list of what each customer owes you including the dates for each transaction. Don’t just stop there but constantly update it, including the date of your last follow-up about repayment.

Why you shouldn’t ignore this tip is to make sure you and your business constantly remain in the mind of your client/customer so that they wouldn’t forget to make payment, and always stick to a short payment period so that it wouldn’t be long overdue. So, in order to keep your business going and make more money, you need to keep track of your receivables.

4. Provide Measures to Get Paid by Clients

Taking us further as we continue to unveil the Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow as well as Cash Flow Management Strategies is yet another important task and that is to take every necessary measure to avoid late payment and get paid faster by clients/customers.

Late payments have their own effect on your cash flow and it is proven to be one of the major cash flow killers in businesses, especially for startup businesses, who are susceptible to suffering because of delayed payments from their business clients.

There are various measures that you can put in place to ensure you receive payment instantaneously. One of the measures that have proven very effective recently in regards to getting paid faster is to set up automatic payments via an online banking account.

Another method you can employ is to ask for a deposit upfront before rendering any service. Another method is not to accept late payment without a fine. You can charge a late fee so as to encourage your client to pay on time, and if they do not, it is an avenue for you to make more money, either way, you gain.

Put these few measures which we believe to be a great way to get paid faster and jump-start your cash flow. More so, if properly done, it shouldn’t alienate good customers to stop patronizing you.

Also, make sure there is no fault on your part that is why you should be serious about the late payment policy and inform clients about it before you both come to terms. Also, try reminding them by sending your invoices on time.

5. Use Necessary Technology to stay Afloat

The last tip that we will be giving to you is also one of the effective Cash Flow Management Strategies which will benefit your business and that is to employ the necessary technology to keep your business going.

There are competitors in the same business-like yours who have leveraged technology into their business thereby giving them an edge over yours. As such, it is required of you to make implement the right solution that will propel your business and keep you from folding up.

The world is going digital and every business presently is moving towards the digital era and that is what you also should do. Make your findings regarding software that you can incorporate into your business to help you manage and keep track of your cash flow. Employing technology to help manage your cash flow will help your business be able to thrive.

There are many tools designed to help businesses manage their cash flow such as PlanGuru, InvoiceApp, QuickBooks, etc.


We have come to the end of our discussion and we hope you find it helpful. Cashflow is the livewire of every business irrespective of its size or nature.

As a business owner, you must do everything possible to make the sure business stays alive and keep expanding and that is the motivating factor behind this article, to help you keep your business functioning.

The process of maintaining a positive cash flow for your business is not an overnight process but a gradual process. There are numerous measures that you can work with but we believe if you work with the 5 Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow outlined in this article, you are on your way to having a healthy business. It is therefore essential for every business venture be it an established or a startup business maintain a positive cash flow for a long-term success

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