10 Ways To Make Money As A College Student

As a college student, you know how hard it is to cater for yourself even with the help of parents, guardians, uncles, and aunts you will agree with me that this help is never enough. Nigerian student unlike most students in other countries appears to have more needs than any other. Considering, the high fee rates, accommodation, and high feeding costs, Nigerian students barely survive.

So there is the need for more money and financial security- the most reason why good boys and girls turn bad in schools is all in financial pursuit to help fend for themselves haven to pay all high fees. Most Nigerian students sponsor themselves and in such knows it’s never easy to have to pay all fees for oneself.

In this view, West Entrepreneur has taken the time to research and present these ways you can make money as a student in Nigeria without having to bend or break any law, without having to quit school or miss any lecture. Find these ways below and it’s our great desire and goal that these ways will help you attain financial independents and graduate with good grades.

Being a student denotes less time for work and most time for studies but how can it be so when you have little or no money to even feed? But irrespective of this you can still make enough and it’s through either one or all of the following ways:READ ALSO: 3 Ways to Fuel Your Student-Led Startup


Many College Student In Nigeria knows nothing or so little about the numerous and easy scholarships and bursaries programs one can get into and enjoy academic support financially.

Irrespective of your course or prospective profession, so far as a student in Nigeria and studying in Nigeria you’re eligible and qualified to apply and get into scholarship and bursaries programs.As in Nigeria the best and easiest way to make money while in school is through scholarships and bursaries. There are numerous of them like the Agbami, MTN, Federal government Scholarship, ABC transport, and so many others. I have in the previous post compiled a list of most scholarship programs that come this year. You can read this article here to see them.


There are legitimate and easy online businesses one can do even as a student and make huge profits from it. Now internet business is suitable for students because for the following reasons:

– You will be your own Boss

– Do it at your own convenience or at the chance

– High-profit Margin

– Not conforming to a particular location

– Requires Little Time

– You have time for your studies. Etc

As a student, you can start an internet business and make money without worrying about not having time for your studies.

For a list of internet businesses, you can start a student in Nigeria

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