10 Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2021 – (Recently Updated)

Which is the best secondary school in Nigeria? This post is centered on revealing the top 10 best Secondary Schools in Nigeria today. The education system in Nigeria has an impact on the students and the nation in general, finding the best secondary school in Nigeria to enroll your wards should be of top priority.

As we all know the knowledge gained through the school settings cannot be compared and this is the reason why parents or guardians have to be serious with this sensitive topic, the success of your children or wards depends on the steps you take concerning their education.

Education has its importance and this tells in the development of an environment, the kind of children or people that lives in a community tells how progressive the community will be, we do not want an environment filled with cultists or hoodlums so this should be a collective effort by every parent.

We have some schools that offer quality education, they teach students how to speak properly, how to write, how to read and also they teach morals.

The majority of the best secondary schools we have listed here will also teach your children skills that could fetch them income and fame in the future e.g programming, music, musical instruments, acting and even sports.

The school is a home for learning and children spend most of their time within the school block so what the school has to offer is of great concern. This is the reason why 9jatoday has made full-scale research and compiled the list of the top best secondary schools in Nigeria.

Before we dive into the topic of the day, we need to know that we have three types of education in Nigeria and they are:

  1. Formal
  2. Informal
  3. Non-Formal

Formal Education: This is the type of education that is obtained from the school premises, the classroom, the school field and within the school compound. This can include learning academics or skills usually with the help of a teacher. This process starts from kindergarten to elementary or primary school then to secondary school.

Informal Education: This is the type of learning that goes on in daily life. It is a spontaneous process of helping people to learn (by parents or neighbors), it also works through conversation, and the exploration and enlargement of experience.

Non-Formal Education: According to NCBI, this learning refers to education that occurs outside the formal school system. Non-formal education is often used interchangeably with terms such as community education, adult education, lifelong education and second-chance education.

Now that you know the three types of education, as a parent you also have your roles to play, emotional love is needed and also teachings about traditions and so on. What are the best secondary schools in Nigeria? Read on.

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Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2021

1. The American International School of Lagos

The American international school of Lagos is rated the best secondary school in Lagos state, not that alone, it is also the best secondary school in Nigeria, the school is located in Victoria Island area of the state and was established in 1964. Their curriculum is in line with the American educational system AERO(American Education Reaches Out) and accepts children from Nigeria or any other country of the world.

As one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria, The American International School is the most expensive secondary school in Nigeria currently with a tuition fee of over 5.5 million Naira. The school is located at the Federal Estates, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria and also has a branch in Abuja.

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2. Atlantic Hall School, Lagos

If all you want is the best education for your children then you should try the Atlantic Hall School, the school was established in 1989 by the Atlantic Hall Educational Trust Council. The school offers quality education and is ranked as one of the best secondary schools in Lagos Nigeria.

The school runs as a full-term boarding school and does not accept enrollment of over 650 pupils, they also have a staff-student ratio of 9:1 which allows them to handle the students properly, with no overcrowding.

Atlantic Hall School runs the UK curriculum and Nigeria curriculum and is located in Poka Epe, Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Kings College, Lagos

Kings College is a very popular secondary school in Lagos and Nigeria at large, the school was established on the 20th of September,1909 by the British parliament and is a boys-only school.

Governor-general Sir. Fedrick Lugard called the school “the premier school” and the school since the date of the establishment has produced prominent Nigerian leaders. The standard of education is being maintained and updated, also, you are sure of getting your children the best education.

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Kings College makes use of the UK educational curriculum with a student-teacher ratio of 50:1 and is located at No 3 Catholic Mission Street, 3 Catholic Mission St, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

4. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja

Named after St. Ignatius of Loyola, a society founder, the school was established in 1995 and was sited in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

The results are there for you to check, the school has produced some of the best students in Nigeria and has a constant yearly number of WAEC success by its students.

Loyola Jesuit College is located at No 12 Loyola Street, Off Karu-Karshi Road Gidan Mangoro, Karu, 900109, Abuja, Nigeria.

5. British International School (BIS), Lagos

The British International School is no doubt one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria, it was founded in 2001 in Lagos state Nigeria.

British International School provides a British curriculum to day and boarding students aged 11–18. A broad range of IGCSE and A-Level courses are available for study in the school.

It has a well-planned school environment with the modern school building, playing fields for swimming which also houses a basketball court and also a tennis court.

British International School is one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria with tuition of over 4.5 million Naira. The school is located at Private Estate, 1 Land Bridge Avenue, Abila Abiodun Oniru Rd, Victoria Island 75133, Lagos, Nigeria.

6. Grange Secondary School, Lagos

Grange School is a ‘private’ day school in Ikeja that was established on the 1st of September 1958. The school was actually established by British expatriates who reside in Nigeria and want a quality education with the British standard.

Though the school has been on since 1958 but the secondary school section of it started in 1998. The school is a mixed school, accepts boys and girls from the primary education to the secondary level.

The primary section accepts a maximum of 430 pupils while the secondary accepts 326 pupils. Grange Secondary School is one of the three schools in Nigeria accredited by the UK’s Independent Association of Preparatory Schools. (IAPS).

With the standard of education obtainable in the UK, you cannot make a bad choice with Grange Secondary School. The school is located at Harold Sodipo Cres, GRA, Lagos, Nigeria.

7. Christ The King College (CKC), Onitsha

There was a time the school was the best secondary school in Nigeria, but not to worry, it is still the best school in Anambra State and one of the best schools in Nigeria.

This school is gradually improving with a speedy rate from the school board. It has been one of the most respected secondary schools in Nigeria till this moment.

Founded in 1933 by the late Archbishop Charles Heerey in Onitsha Anambra state Nigeria.

8. Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Lagos

Another of the best secondary schools we have in Nigeria is Vivian fowler memorial college which was located in the capital city of Lagos, Ikeja and it is an all-girls school.

The school was founded by Chief Mrs. Leila Fowler in 1991, the school was named after Mrs. Vivian Fowler late daughter.

The school was formerly located at Surulere in Lagos state before it was permanently relocated to Ikeja also in Lagos state at PLOT 5 Billings Way, Oregun 100001, Ikeja, Nigeria.

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9. Lumen Christi International High School, Benin

Lumen Christi International High School is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria you can enroll your wards in. The school was established in 1986 by Rev. Dr. P.E Ekpu.

It is a catholic school sited in Uromi North East, Benin City Edo state, Nigeria. The school has produced a lot of well-nutured students that have shown the glory of the school in external examinations like WAEC and has won the awards for the best Waec result for 3 times in Nigeria in 2007, 20011 and 2012. They have also won a lot of awards from other competitions.

The school was ranked as the 4th best secondary school in West Africa. Lumen Christi International High School is sited at Ebele – Irrua Road, Edo State, Nigeria.

10. Kaduna International School (KIS), Kaduna

Finally on the list of the top ten best secondary schools in Nigeria is the Kaduna International School which was founded in 1985.

The school was formerly named Aisha Mohammed International School before being renamed to Kaduna International School.

Kaduna International School operates two curricula, the British curriculum and Nigeria Curriculum. The school structure is made in a way it aids learning and sited in a serene environment having a library, ICT hall, art and design studio, football field, WIFI access points and many more learning aids.


With this list we believe we have provided you a lot of options to make your choice from, any of the listed secondary schools is a sure bet to get your children equipped with quality education.

We also have other secondary schools that meet up to expectations but we have only listed the top 10 secondary schools in Nigeria.

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