Cheapest Earbuds In Nigeria And Their Prices

The top cheapest earbuds in Nigeria and their pricing are discussed in this post. Wireless earbuds are the way forward in the country today, as they are gradually and steadily replacing the good old earpieces that we have become accustomed to using on our mobile phones and other smart devices when making calls, listening to music, streaming live matches, watching movies, and so on.

The Most Affordable Earbuds In Nigeria And Their Prices

The greatest and most popular earbuds in Nigeria today are also quite inexpensive, offering outstanding sound quality and long-lasting batteries that allow you to accomplish more with your smart devices even when you are hands-free, but how much do they cost in today’s market? All of this and more will be revealed as we progress. Please feel free to keep reading.


The following are the pricing of the 8 best, cheapest, and most popular earbuds in Nigeria:


The OraimoFreepods 2, especially the 2Baba variant, is one of the cheapest and most popular earbuds in Nigeria. It now costs N9,900 in Nigeria and is a decent value for money. The OraimoFreepods 2 is a Bluetooth gadget that supports Bluetooth version 5.0, making it one of the best earbuds in the country.

It has a 10-meter talk range and a battery capacity of 37 mAh for the earbuds and 500 mAh for the case that contains the buds. The case also functions as a charger for the earphones.

The battery life of the OraimoFreepods 2 is up to 82 hours on standby, 3.5 hours of playing, and 3 hours of conversation time. The case can hold up to 6 full charges and has a very rich sound thanks to a 13mm dynamic driver that delivers sound with pinpoint accuracy and a treble that shines with clarity.

The earbuds are ergonomically engineered to adapt to the shape of your ear canal, so they fit pleasantly in your ears. Oraimo earbuds are only 3g in weight, making them easier and more pleasant to use.

As previously noted, the convenient and small charging case allows you to charge your earbuds and increase their 3.5-hour music runtime to 24.5 hours, allowing you to use them all day. You can also charge the case because it has a USB charging port for recharging the battery when it runs out.

With a single touch, you can accept calls and control music on both earbuds, and after initial setup, the earbuds automatically connect to your linked device when taken from the case and detach when returned.



In Nigeria, the TecnoHipods H2 costs 9,000 Naira, making it one of the cheapest earbuds available. These wireless earphones are light, portable, beautiful, and luxurious.

The TecnoHipods H2 also offers outstanding sound quality, with true stereo sound effects, strong bass, silky alto, powerful high-pitch, and other characteristics that bring out the best sound and leave you nothing short of amazed; plus it has a stylish appearance.

TecnoHipods H2 are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled headphones that are specifically developed for Tecno mobile phones. They come with a high-efficiency charging box that automatically and effectively recharges the earphones’ power. The charging box is lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport.

With the charging box, you may enjoy 24 hours of nonstop music, and without it, the TecnoHipods H2 can last up to 6 hours. In conclusion, this earbud provides really long-lasting battery performance and strong enjoyment, with 30 hours of standby time, 6 hours of music playback time, and less than 2 hours of completely charged time.

3. XIAOMI REDMI AIRDOTS 2 (Purchase PRICE – ₦10,000)

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 are another pair of inexpensive earphones popular in Nigeria. Nigerians are presently paying a fee of 10,000 Naira. The Redmi Airdots 2 comes packaged in a tiny black casing that also functions as a charger.

Each set of earbuds has a 45 mAh battery capacity, and the case has a 300 mAh battery capacity, providing over 6 hours of use when used together. Bluetooth 5.0 is built inside the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 for quicker communication and lower latency.


The Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro, which costs 7,400 in Nigeria, is another earbud that is incredibly inexpensive and creates waves in today’s market.

The Haylou GT1 Pro Wireless earbuds are an update to Xiaomi’s GT1 earbuds and include true wireless stereo (TWS) technology, which allows the earbuds to broadcast the L and R (Left and Right) channels audio separately for fully wireless gaming, streaming, and music experience.

The Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro Bluetooth earbud includes long battery life, noise cancellation, and voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Xiaomi Xiaoyi. The earbuds provide crisp calling and sound quality comparable to that of high-end earbuds.

5. ZEALOT T2 EARBUDS (purchasePRICE – ₦7,000)

In Nigeria, the Zealot T2 earbuds are likewise among the best and most popular. It’s current pricing in the country is 7,000 naira This pair of earphones is unique in that they are meant to look like Apple’s more costly AirPods.

The Zealot T2 earbuds provide excellent sound quality and amazing touch control. The battery life is adequate, with the combined capacity of the buds and charging case providing roughly 20 hours of listening time.

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6. OPPO ENCO W11 EARBUDS (Purchase PRICE – ₦16,000)

The OppoEnco W11 earbuds are affordable and offer decent sound quality. Although they are not the lowest on this list, they provide excellent value.

These buds stand out due to their striking aesthetics and long battery life. You can use these earphones on any smart device because of their lightning-fast connectivity.

7. XIAOMI REDMI AIRDOTS (Purchase PRICE – ₦7,000)

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are really affordable, and you can buy them for 7,000 Naira. They’re not as good as the Airdots 2, but they’re just as effective.

The Airdots, like other Xiaomi devices, come with powerful batteries that last all day, and their Bluetooth connectivity is lightning fast, so you won’t have any problems listening to music or watching movies.

8. ITEL ITW-60 EARBUDS (purchase PRICE – ₦10,500)

In Nigeria, the iTel ITW-60 was released around the end of 2020 and cost N10,500. They have touch controllers on them.

The battery life of these earbuds is excellent, with a two-and-a-half-hour playtime on the buds and a 500 mAh case that can charge the buds up to six times. On the iTel ITW-60, Bluetooth 5.0 connection is also offered.


So that is all we have got for you on the list of cheapest Earbuds in Nigeria today.