Current Plastic Chairs and Tables Prices in Nigeria

Are you searching for the cost of Plastic chairs and tables in Nigeria? This article contains the current prices of Plastic chairs and tables in Nigeria whether armless or not. Plastic chairs and tables prices vary depending on the design, brands, and sizes.

Chairs and tables are very useful and preferred by many especially the plastic ones. This is because it is easily movable, cheap, and can be easily replaced when damaged. They are used for personal reasons such as studying, parties, churches, offices, and even hotels. Thus, knowing the prices of chairs and tables in Nigeria is important if you need to buy one. Check out the prices of DVD players

Plastic Chairs and Tables Prices in Nigeria

The prices of Chairs and Tables in Nigeria vary with locations, brands, sizes, and designs. For instance, armless chairs are cheaper than those with arms. While popular brands like Leoplast and Innoson may be expensive compared to the unpopular chairs and tables brands. Check out the current prices of Canon Cameras

Prices of Chairs in Nigeria

Current Plastic Chairs And Tables Prices In Nigeria
Price of Chairs in Nigeria

For those asking for chairs for studying, the average prices of chairs in Nigeria are between N2,500 to N3,200. Chairs without arms can be as high as N2,500 and those with arms can be as high as N3,200.

Note: This is just an estimate of the prices of average chairs for studying. The price may be high or low depending on the brand you are buying and your location. Check out the current prices of Cooking pots

Also, there are many other expensive chairs that are used in parties, churches, and households. Find below the price list of armless chairs in Nigeria

  • Foldable plastic chair is between N23,290 to N27,000
  • 2-in-1 Foldable plastic chair is between N57,000 to N60,000
  • Foldable plastic chair with writing pad is between N18,300 to N21,000
  • Eleganza style chair prices range from N11,000 to N13,000
  • Eleganza diamond armless chair price range from N7,800 to N9,000
  • KGM Achievers Chair price range from N6,100 to N7,250
  • Fuji Armless Chair price range from N3,800 to N5,000
  • Habitat Tam Tam Plastic Stool price range from N3,800 to N5,000
  • Heavy Duty Foldable Mobile Plastic Chair price range from N16,500 to N21,000
  • Tam Tam Fancy Stool price is between N8,900 to N9,600
  • Baby Plastic Chair price is between N6,000 to N7,000
  • Kids Plastic Relaxation Studying And Feeding Chair price range from N6,500 to N7,500

Cost of Tables in Nigeria

Unlike Chairs, Tables are more expensive whether it is for studying or for other uses. Although there are cheap ones and there are expensive ones.

Generally, the prices of Tables in Nigeria range from N2,500 to N14,000 especially those for studying. Like the prices of chairs in Nigeria, the prices of tables can be affected by the types of brands, designs, sizes, and locations. Check out the cheapest Earbuds and their prices

Below is the average price list of tables in Nigeria.

  • Small size table prices range from N2000 to N6000
  • Medium size table prices range from N4500 to N8000
  • While the large size prices range from N8000 to 14,500.

How Much is Plastic Chairs and Tables in Nigeria?

The average price of plastic tables in Nigeria is between N2,500 to N14,500. While the average price of plastic chairs or stools is between N2,500 to N5000. Check out the prices of water dispenser

Also, Chairs and Tables are readily available in many stores in Nigeria where you can get them. You can also buy them online on Jumia, Jiji, Konga, and many other E-commerce sites.


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