Cost of Hiring and Renting of Wedding Gowns

How much does it cost to rent a bridal gown? In this article, you will find out the cost of renting and hiring wedding gowns.

For many brides who want to wear beautiful and classic wedding gowns without spending too much on them, the notion of renting and hiring wedding gowns sounds plausible. Of course, wedding gowns and dresses are important costumes for the bride during a modern wedding in Nigeria. Most women will like to adorn themselves with it but for the price. Wedding Gowns are expensive depending on the style, design and the material it is made of. See the current prices of wedding gowns in Nigeria.

Therefore, renting wedding gowns seems to be the best option. Not many people especially males are aware that you can hire or rent wedding gowns. Thus, no one has to know, you can rent your wedding gown instead of buying an expensive one and use the money to cater for some other wedding needs.

Cost of Renting and Hiring Wedding Gowns

Prices of Renting and Hiring Wedding Gowns in Nigeria

There is no specific price for renting wedding gowns in Nigeria. It all depends on the merchant you are borrowing it from, the wedding gown designs, your location, and many other hidden factors. Depending on your location, hiring or renting wedding gowns may range from N15,000 to N200,000. Check out Topnotch Traditional wedding decorations

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Price of Renting Wedding Gown in Lagos

Lagos being one of the most populous cities in Nigeria has one of the highest numbers of weddings taking place in the city. As a result of its economy, to rent or hire wedding gowns in Lagos is quite expensive compared to other states.

Averagely, the cost of hiring wedding gowns in Lagos may range from N45,000 to N100,000 or more. As said earlier on, the cost of renting wedding gowns will be dependent on the merchant, type, or the design of the gown whether in Lagos or any other close city.

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Also, you may find out that other top cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt, and others also have the same price range for renting wedding gowns. Check out top souvenir ideas to gift your wedding guests

Price of Renting Wedding Gowns in the Other States

Depending on the cities you live in, you may also find a beautiful and classic wedding gown at a cheaper rate than the above-mentioned range. The price of hiring and renting wedding gowns may be cheaper in Benin, Enugu, Onitsha, Asaba, Osogbo, and so on. You may find the cost of renting wedding gowns in these cities to be between N15,000 to N20,000.

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Although, this does not mean there are no wedding gowns that are costlier than that. But the chances of finding such prices for hiring wedding gowns in those cities is higher. Check out the beautiful pre-wedding photoshoots in Nigeria

Hiring and Renting Wedding Gowns

To many, renting wedding gowns is not a welcome idea especially if there is enough money to fund the wedding. But if you do not have enough funds, it is better to hire or rent wedding gowns.

We can assure you that renting a wedding gown doesn’t sound as bad as you think. Many brides have done that while saving costs and many will continue to. See how to start an event planning business in Nigeria

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