Current Prices of Iron Doors in Nigeria

Have you tried purchasing a house in recent times? Your first thought on your mind is your security door. or are you planning to build and do you need to know the prices of iron doors in Nigeria according to their different qualities? 

Well, we’ve got you covered on that front, today we’ll be looking at the prices and different types of iron doors in Nigeria and their strengths.

Current Prices Of Iron Doors in Nigeria

In this article today we will not just be telling you about iron door prices in Nigeria but we will be talking about the types of iron doors, their quality, and their uses.

Your search for iron doors in Nigeria begins with your motive for the doors, do you live in a low-security area and you need proper doors for security, do you want fanciful doors to beautify your building, or do you want a blend of both then stay on this article to help you make the right decision.

Types of Iron Doors In Nigeria and Their Prices

This is your trusted guide to picking the right type of doors for security reasons we wouldn’t want the real owners to collect your property. There are different types of iron doors dependent on where you want to install them, the reason for the installation (security or demarcation), and your budget for the building.

These are the types of iron doors available in the country according to your required specifications, these doors also vary according to where their materials are sourced from and their measurements;

3 feet steel door 50mm approx. – 30,000 naira

3 feet steel door 70mmapprox. – 35,000 naira

3 feet steel door 9 inches approx. – 45,000 naira

4 feet steel door 50mm approx. – 60,000 naira

4 feet steel door 70mm approx.  – 70,000 naira

4 feet steel door 9 inches approx. –80,000 naira

3 feet stainless steel door approx. – 140,000 naira

4 feet stainless steel door approx.  – 170,000 naira

5 feet stainless steel door approx.  – 200,000 naira

3 feet armored door approx.  –  100,000 naira

4 feet armored door approx.  – 250,000 naira

5 feet armored door approx.  – 450,000 naira

3 feet Chinese security door approx.  – 55,000 naira

4 feet Chinese security door approx.  – 65,000 naira

Turkish security door approx. – 220,000

Turkish armored door approx.  – 165,000 naira

Turkish special door approx.  – 180,000 naira

Turkish security core door approx. – 370,000 naira

3 feet German copper security door approx.  – 80,000 naira

4 feet German security copper door approx.  – 250,000 naira

3 feet local metal steel door approx. – 35,000 naira

4 feet local metal steel door approx.  – 40,000 naira

Please note that the prices of these doors could vary based on location and fluctuations in the economy but these figures provided above are the recent findings on the prices of these iron doors prices in Nigeria.

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Uses of Iron Doors in Nigeria

Iron doors more often than not are used for security purposes to help protect us from intruders, whether it could be a store filled with goods, a home, an organization, or whatever that needs secure protection.

Ideally over time iron doors have proved their worth and their usage in durability and sustainability.

Iron doors in Nigeria apart from security purposes are ideal for aesthetics as well as to improve the general décor of the home or facility it has been installed in.

How to Take Care of Your Iron Doors In Nigeria

It will be careless to spend money on your iron door and it doesn’t serve its required purpose because of mismanagement, terrible weather conditions, or human factors.

So in this segment, we will be showing you how to care for your iron doors in Nigeria.

Steps to Taking Care Of Your Iron Doors:

  1. Use mild cleaners like dishwashing liquid as soap base during cleaning
  2. Get a microfiber towel for your door
  3. Whenever your doors get wet, dry them with a towel to prolong its lifespan. If water is allowed to dry on your iron doors and it will lead to easy rusting.
  4. If you leave in an area that has salt water most definitely your air will be salty as well, so if you live in this kind of environment ensure you keep your hinges well-oiled at intervals.
  5. Do not continually slam doors as that could eventually weaken their frame and allow easy access of intruders into your home.
  6. Never use harsh chemicals on your iron doors for cleaning, these will encourage a rapid wear and tear on your iron doors and give it a worn out look.
  7. Do not force or jam locks if they are difficult to lock instead consult a handy person to take a look at the problem and fix it to prevent further damages.
  8. If your doors have accumulated rust after sometime, take a patch of sandpaper and GENTLY rub the area to remove the rust.
  9. Get a rust prevention applicator and spread on your door to avoid future rusting and to keep your doors in a healthy condition.
  10. To keep your doors from rusting, purchase an alkaline based soap to clean the doors with your nonabrasive towels

With all these instructions on how to maintain an iron door we hope your iron doors last longer, these instructions also help your iron doors to maintain a shiny look constantly even when you have had them for a long.

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 What are the prices of doors in Abuja and Lagos?

The prices range from 35,000 naira and above depending on the type of door you wish to install. If you’re still having doubts about the doors you should check the article for the kind of doors that will best suit your building.

Where can I find local iron doors and will they hold?

hin your vicinity that has carpenters and welders, they usually make these doors with locally sourced materials. They will do a good job of protecting your property for a particular price range.

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