Current Prices of Generators in Nigeria (2022)

The prices of generators in Nigeria depend on the brands, sizes, and some other features. Today, we will be presenting you the price list of generators in Nigeria with their different brands and features.

It is widespread knowledge in Nigeria that the country’s electricity is unstable and epileptic which makes it necessary to have a generator.

As a result, most Nigerians are responsible for providing electricity for their homes, offices as well as industries. Thus, knowing the prices of generators in Nigeria is important.

Before we present the current prices of generators in Nigeria, let’s see the different factors you should consider before you buy any generators.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Generators in Nigeria

Although the prices of generators in Nigeria are very important in choosing a good generator. There are many other important factors you need to consider before buying a generator. Find below some of these factors.

1. Power Output

One of the most important factors in choosing a generator brand is the Power Output. If you’re buying a generator, it is only logical that it should be able to power all your appliances and gadgets. You don’t want to buy a generator that will power some appliances and be unable to power some.

The size of the generator is very crucial as it determines its power output. The bigger it is, the more its power output.

2. Startup Options

Also, you should consider the startup options of a generator you want before buying one. Do you prefer a recoil or push-button start or key start option?

You should bear in mind that most small generators come with a recoil startup option. While moderate generators come with either recoil or key start options. Also, big generators are known to come with a push-button option.

3. Fuel

You should also consider the fuel that your chosen generator will use. Do you prefer petrol or diesel? Bear in mind that diesel is quite cheaper and lasts longer than petrol. Even though, it oozes a lot of soots and gas compared to petrol.

4. Mobility

Furthermore, you may want to consider the mobility of generators before buying. Large generators take a lot of space and may not be movable. While small and moderate can be moved depending on what you choose.

Price List of Generators in Nigeria

There are many brands of generators in Nigeria that are tested and trusted. Generator brands like Honda, Elemax, Lutian, Thermocool, Elepaq, Mikano, Tiger, and so on have been proven to be reliable with good quality services. Thus, you can leverage any of the above-mentioned brand images to choose a Generator for your need.

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Lutian Generator Prices in Nigeria

Here is the price list of Lutian generators in Nigeria.

  • Lutian 1KVA LT1800 ranges from N40,000 to N75,000
  • Lutian 2.5KVA LT2500 ranges from N70,000 to N120,000
  • Lutian 3.2KVA LT3990E ranges from N77,500 to N105,000
  • Lutian 3.2KVA LT3600E ranges from N75,000 to N95,000
  • Lutian 5.5KVA 5GF-LDEX (Super Silent Diesel Generator) ranges from N350,000 to N470,000
  • Lutian 6.3kVA LT7990E ranges from N193,000 to N245,000
  • Lutian 7.5KVA LT8000 ranges from N218,000 to N310,000
  • Lutian 8.8KVA LT10990 ranges from N260,000 to N300,000

Elepaq Prices of Generators in Nigeria

Find below the price list of Elepaq generators in Nigeria.

  • Elepaq 1.2 KVA ECO220S is between N34, 000 to N44,000
  • Elepaq 1.3 KVA SV3200 is between N34,000 to N45,000
  • Elepaq 1.3 KVA SV2200 is between N40, 000 to N65,000
  • Elepaq 1.4 GHz ECO1990S is between N65,000 to N73,000
  • Elepaq 2.2 KVA SV2900 is between N58,000 to N75,000
  • Elepaq 2.2 KVA EC3000CX is between N84,000 to N90,000
  • Elepaq 2.8 KVA ECO 4900ES is between N72,000 to N85,000
  • Elepaq 3 KVA SV5200 is between N50,000 to N80,000
  • Elepaq 3 KVA SV5500 is between 78,000 to N90,000
  • Elepaq 4.2 KVA SV6800E2 is between N70, 000 to N85,000
  • Elepaq 4.2 KVA SV7500E2 is between N70, 000 to N80,000
  • Elepaq 5.5 KVA EC6500 is between N176,000 to N195,000
  • Elepaq 7.5 KVA EC1500 CXS is between N195,000 to N220,000
  • Elepaq 9 KVA SV2200 E2 is between N185,000 to N230,000
  • Elepaq 10 KVA SV 1500 E2 is between N200,000 to N230,000

Current Prices of Tiger Generators in Nigeria

Current Prices of Generators in Nigeria ([year])
Tiger Generators Prices in Nigeria
  • Tiger TG1850 1.2KVA is N45,000
  • Tiger TG2700 2KVA is between N65,000 to N90,000
  • Tiger TG950 is between N25,000 to N40,000.

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Price list of Thermocool Generators 

Thermocool is one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. With different specs and features one of the best generators at affordable prices. See the current prices of Thermocool generators in Nigeria.

  • Thermocool 1 KVA (smallie) ranges from N52,000 to N75,000
  • Thermocool 1.25 KVA (junior) ranges from N72,000 to N95,000
  • Thermocool 2.0 KVA (bobo manual) ranges from N88,000 to N120,000
  • Thermocool 2.2 KVA (captain) ranges from N115,000 to N145,000
  • Thermocool 2.5 KVA (bobo max) ranges from N120, 000 to N180,000
  • Thermocool 3.0 KVA (hustler) ranges from N140,000 to N190,000
  • Thermocool 3.5 KVA (Hustler max) ranges from N150,000 to N200,000
  • Thermocool 4.0 KVA (big boy) ranges from N231,000 to N320,00
  • Thermocool 4.1 KVA (Hustler 3800ES) ranges from N150,000 to N210,000
  • Thermocool 5.0 KVA (oga) ranges from N295,000 to N385,000
  • Thermocool 6.0 KVA (igwe) ranges from N285,000 to N410,000
  • Thermocool 6.25 KVA (optima 7500 remote) ranges from N345,000 to N455,000
  • Thermocool 6.75 KVA (odogwu max) ranges from N450, 000 to N550,000
  • Thermocool 7.5 KVA ranges from N380,000 to N520,000
  • Thermocool 8.5 KVA ranges from N495,000 to N590,000

Current Prices of Elemax Generators in Nigeria

Below is the current price list of Elemax generators in Nigeria.

Current Prices of Generators in Nigeria ([year])
Elemax Generators Prices in Nigeria
  • Elemax 2 KVA SV2800S ranges from N195,000 to N250, 000
  • Elemax 2.2 KVA SH3200 EX ranges from N240,000 to N290,000
  • Elemax 2.8 KVA SH3900 EX ranges from N288,000 to N315,000
  • Elemax 3.2 KVA SH4600 EX is 185, 000 Naira
  • Elemax 3.8 KVA SH5300 EX ranges from N400,000 to N550,000
  • Elemax 5.6 KVA SH7600 EX ranges from N555,000 to N650,000
  • Elemax 8.5 KVA SH1100 ranges from N1,400,000 to N1,900,000
  • Elemax 14 KVA diesel SHT15D is N3,000,000
  • Elemax 20 KVA Diesel SHT25D is N3,350,000

Prices of Tigmax Generators 

Tigmax is another brand of Generators with different features, sizes, and specs. Find below the prices of Tigmax Generators in Nigeria.

  • Tigmax 2.1KVA TH2900DX is between N80,000 to N135,000
  • Tigmax 2.5KVA TH3500DX is between N57,000 to N100,000
  • Tigmax 3.5KVA TG5200E2 is between N70,500 to N105,000

Price List of Honda Generators in Nigeria

Honda is one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. With different specs and features one of the best generators at affordable prices. See the current prices of Honda generators in Nigeria.

Honda Generators Prices in Nigeria
  • Honda 2.0 KVA EP2500CX ranges from N165,000 to N250,000
  • Honda 2.3 KVA EZ3000CX ranges from N460, 000 to N555,000
  • Honda 2.5 KVA FA3000P ranges from N350,000 to N500,000
  • Honda 5.5 KVA EG6500 ranges from N590,000 to N880,000
  • Honda 5.5 KVA FA6500X ranges from N405,000 to N650,000
  • Honda 8.0 KVA EM1000 ranges from N1,600,000 to N1,900,000

Price List of Yamaha Generators 

Find below the price list of Yamaha generators in Nigeria.

  • Yamaha 2KVA EF2600E is between N170,000 to N300,000
  • Yamaha 5KVA EF7200E is between N460,000 to N530,000

Perkins Generators Prices in Nigeria

Perkins is one of the popular generator brands in Nigeria. It offers different specs, sizes, and features of generators at affordable prices. See the current prices of Perkins generators in Nigeria.

Perkins Generators Prices in Nigeria
  • Perkins 10KVA ranges from N1,950,000 to N2,950,000
  • Perkins 15KVA ranges from N2,295,000 to N4,550,000
  • Perkins 20KVA ranges from N2,300,000 to N3,050,000
  • Perkins 25KVA ranges from N2,500,000 to N4,400,000
  • Perkins 30KVA ranges from N2,500,000 to N4,550,000
  • Perkins 40KVA ranges from N3,500,000 to N5,000,000
  • Perkins 50KVA ranges from N 3,000,000 to N6,350,000
  • Perkins 60KVA ranges from N3,800,000 to N6,500,000
  • Perkins 80KVA ranges from N 3,000,000 to N7,300,000
  • Perkins 100KVA ranges from N4,000,000 to N8,000,000
  • Perkins 150KVA ranges from N5,500,000 to N9,500,000
  • Perkins 200KVA ranges from N7,600,000 to N20,500,000
  • Perkins 250KVA ranges from N8,800,000 to N30,650,000
  • Perkins 300KVA ranges from N11,000,000 to N22,650,000
  • Perkins 500KVA ranges from N25,000,000 to N32,650,000
  • Perkins 600KVA ranges from N23,500,000 to N35,650,000
  • Perkins 800KVA ranges from N30,500,000 to N35,700 ,000. See the list of building blocks in Nigeria with their prices.

Prices of Mikano Generators 

Ever heard of Mikano Generators? It is one of the best generator brands with quality products and features.

  • Mikano 9KVA is between N1,900,000 to N2,900,000
  • Mikano 10KVA is between N2,600,000 to N3,000,000
  • Mikano 13KVA is between N2,400,000 to N2,950,000
  • Mikano 30KVA is between N6,000,000 to N8,000,000
  • Mikano 40KVA is between N7,500,000 to N9,500,000
  • Mikano 50KVA is between N7,200,000 Naira to N10,000,000
  • Mikano 60KVA is between N8,500,000 Naira to N11,270,000
  • Mikano 80KVA is between N12,000,000 to N15,150,000
  • Mikano 100KVA is between N16,000,000 to N20,400,000

Sumec Firman Generator Prices in Nigeria

  • Sumec Firman SPG950 ranges from N28,000 to N32,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG1800 ranges from N45,000 to N75,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 2500 ranges from N70,000 to N95,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 3000E1 (key start) ranges from N80,000 to N120,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 3000E2 (key start and wheels) ranges from N100,000 to N150,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 3800E2 ranges from N130,000 t0 N200,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 2.5KVA 3000E1 (key start) ranges from N80,000 to N120,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 2.5KVA 3000E2 (key start and wheels) ranges from N95,000 to N155,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 2.5KVA 3800E2 ranges from N130,000 to N205,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 6.0 KVA generators range from N230,000 to N270,000

Current Prices of Maxi Generators in Nigeria

Maxi is another brand of Generators with different features, sizes, and specs. Find below the prices of Maxi Generators in Nigeria

Current Prices of Generators in Nigeria ([year])
Maxi Generators Prices in Nigeria
  • Maxi 2KVA B20M is between N80,000 to N135,000
  • Maxi 2.5KVA B25K is between N125,000 to N195,000
  • Maxi 3.3KVA E33K is between N110,000 to N185,000
  • Maxi 5KVA E50K is between N180,000 to N255,000
  • Maxi 8KVA E80K is between N205,000 to N355,000
  • Maxi 7.5KVA EK75 (with wheel) is between N202,500 to N295,000
  • Maxi 6.5KVA E65 (with wheel)is between N179,000 to N255,000

Final Thoughts on Prices of Generators in Nigeria

There are many stores or shops in Nigeria where you can get these brands of Generators at affordable prices. You can also check out the prices of Generators available on JijiKonga, and Jumia to get one.

Depending on your budget and other important factors highlighted above, you should be able to buy a good generator with this guide. Finally, we advise you to check the quality before paying and ensure it has a warranty.