Current Prices Of Building Blocks In Nigeria

The current prices Of Building Blocks In Nigeria are discussed in this article. If you’re in the real estate business and want to build buildings from the ground up rather than buying them outright to rent later, you’ll agree with me that building blocks are one of the most important materials you’ll need to make your dream a reality. Without them, you won’t be able to rent or lease anything.

Building Blocks Prices in Nigeria Right Now

Building blocks are solid materials used in the construction of structures, as their name indicates. They are composed of concrete or cement and may have a hollow core to make them lighter and increase their insulating characteristics.

Building blocks are used to construct the foundation and walls of structures, and if you’re curious about how much they cost in today’s Nigerian market, keep reading.

Current Prices Of Building Blocks In Nigeria

Different types of building blocks are available on the market in Nigeria nowadays at various costs. Popular types include regular blocks and stone dust blocks, which are used to build home foundations and walls. There are two different sizes of these blocks: 6-inch and 9-inch.

Apart from the standard construction blocks described above, there are certain blocks that are used for aesthetic purposes, and we will list the numerous aesthetic blocks and their costs for you, our valued readers, so that you may see how much they cost today’s market.


  • The current pricing of ordinary construction blocks in Nigeria are as follows:
  • In Nigeria currently, a 6-inch regular block costs between 250 and 280 Naira.
  • In Nigeria, a 9-inch regular block will cost between 280 and 300 Naira.
  • In today’s country, a 6-inch stone dust block costs between 290 and 320 dollars.
  • In Nigeria now, a 9-inch stone-dust block costs between 330 and 350 Naira.


The pricing of aesthetic blocks in Nigeria are as follows:

  • In Nigeria, a crystal glass block will cost between N1,500 and N2,000.
  • Currently, a white glass block costs between N1,800 and N2,200 in the nation.
  • Currently, a parallel clear glass block costs between N1,400 and N1,700.
  • In today’s market, a crystal green glass block costs between N1,700 and N2,300.
  • Currently, polystyrene foam blocks and sheets cost between 2,000 and 2,500 naira in the nation.
  • Currently, Spanish block wall tile costs between N7,500 and N8,500.
  • Clay ventilation blocks range in price from 350 to 400 naira.

Aesthetic blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re employed to beautify structures, as previously said. Simply, they are used for decoration rather than structural functions.

Please note that the costs of the aesthetic blocks mentioned above are per unit of each item and that they are not set, since they are susceptible to vary over time owing to factors of demand and supply, the area you’re purchasing from, or the specific merchant you’re purchasing from.


The following are the current variables influencing the price of building blocks in Nigeria:


The price of building blocks in Nigeria nowadays is influenced by the cost of Raw Building materials. Ordinary blocks, for example, are priced according to the cost of sand and cement, whereas glass blocks are priced according to the kind of glass and other materials used in their manufacture.

Because glass is more expensive than sand and cement, glass blocks made from glass and other components are more expensive than regular blocks.

We all know that the higher the cost of cement especially, the higher the cost of building blocks. The old price of building blocks for 6 inches before the rapid increase of cement was 140 naira but today that cement is sold for 3500 nairas, the cost of block increased sporadically to 250 as well.

So, when the price of cement drops, be cork sure building block price will fall as well.


Government policies have an impact on the cost of construction materials in Nigeria. This is conceivable if a current administration decides to enact a new policy prohibiting glass importation into the country. Glass, an essential raw resource, will become scarce as a result of this, resulting in a significant increase in the price of this raw material. As a result, the price of glass building bricks will be affected.


In today’s Nigeria, location is also a decisive element in the pricing of building blocks. Blocks are more expensive in metropolitan regions, where high-rise building construction takes precedence over rural ones. Furthermore, because the level of living in urban regions is better than in rural areas, you may expect building blocks to be more expensive in these places.

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To conclude, depending on the structure you are raising, the cost of building blocks may vary as well. If you are building a gigantic structure that will cost you more blocks to construct, the seller may decide to give you a subsidy owing to the fact that you are ordering for a high quantity.

Also, the cost of 9 inches will be different from 6 inches owing to the fact that, the two-block sizes consume different materials.

So, we have given you the information you need to know about the price of building blocks here in Nigeria as of today.