How To Get A Customized Plate Number In Nigeria

How can I get a customized plate number in Nigeria? Having a personal license plate number in Nigeria isn’t that easy but you can always get yourself one, check out how to get a customized plate number in Nigeria.

Many people see this as something bigger than them because they usually think it is only meant for top government officials or celebrities. A customized plate number can be obtained in Nigeria as long as you can afford it and also can present the necessary documents.

You can get a legally customized plate number in Nigeria and the cost is affordable and you don’t need so much stress to process it.

If you just got yourself a brand new car from any of the top best car dealers in Nigeria then to make it look very nice why not get a customized plate number in your preferred name?

Should in case you are ready to explore this then this post is specially written for you, check out the requirements, price, and details on how to get a customized plate number in Nigeria.

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Cost of Getting a Customized Plate Number in Nigeria

How much does it cost to get a customized plate number in Nigeria? I have previously mentioned that it doesn’t cost a lot to get yourself a customized plate number.

To get a customized plate number, it cost you from ₦100,000 to ₦200,000, paid directly into the bank so that you can have a smooth processing of the plate.

Can you now see it doesn’t cost much, for you to be able to buy a car in Nigeria then getting a plate number with your preferred name wouldn’t be a problem? Once you have your money then you have it.

For you to have easy and smooth processing of your plate number you just have to follow the simple tips we have outlined below.

Documents Needed to Get a Customized Plate Number

There are some documents you need to tender to make your plate number processing quick and effortless, here are the required documents to get your plate number in Nigeria.

  1. A printed application letter with a heading that includes “Customized plate number”, where you state the preferred name or number.
  2. Shipping documents should be submitted (in case it was an imported car).
  3. A government identification means e.g National ID Card, driver’s license, citizen card, and international visa, in as much as your details are correct then you are good to go.
  4. A valid drivers license
  5. Tax identification number (TIN).
  6. Insurance documents of your car.
  7. Insurance policy number.
  8. A clear document showing the verification of ownership for the vehicle.

How To Get A Customized Plate Number In Nigeria

Follow these steps to get your Nigerian customized plate number:

  • Visit the Federal Road Safety official website and apply for the plate number on the enrollment page.
  • Once you are successfully logged in download the forms on the platform(tax document form, structure B, vehicle permit, street health commission, and plate number form) or instead you visit the nearest Road Safety office to get those forms.
  • Make sure your details are correct, avoid every error.
  • Now proceed to the State board of internal revenue/mobile license authority, all filled documents will be collected and the documents will be stamped.
  • Make your payment and also tender your receipt.

What Is The Validity Of A Customized Plate Number?

You have nothing to be afraid of, all customized license plate numbers in Nigeria last as long as the vehicle lasts.


You should know that having a special plate number attracts people, some people see a customized plate number owner as a rich man hence he will get exposed to theft, kidnapping, or armed robbery.

It is just as if you are inviting unnecessary attention on yourself and this might not augur well, but if you know you are secure enough then you are free to opt-in for it.

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