Difference between DSTV and GOTV

In a bid to explain the Difference between DSTV and GOTV, It’s important to note that the transmission method employed by DSTV and GOTv differs. Whereas the DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcast standard is used by GoTV, the satellite-based system used by DSTV is called DVB-T2.

There are two major cable TV providers in Nigeria: DSTV and GOTV. Many distinctions separate them, despite the fact that they’re both run by the same firm (Multichoice). DSTV stands for Digital Satellite Television, and GOTV is an acronym for “Go TV.” If you’d want to know how these two services differ, read on!

What Country Owns DSTV and GOTV, and Who Owns GOTV?

All three are owned by Multichoice Africa, a South African conglomerate. Naspers Group, a Mauritius-registered business, has the majority stake in this company, which serves more than 50 African countries.


DSTV and GOTV Price For Decoders

DSTV decoders are more expensive than GOTV decoders because DSTV requires a satellite dish to be built, whilst GOTV does not. So it also means the other one is more vulnerable to fluctuations in the weather, whereas GOTV has a much smaller impact on its results.

It costs between N12500 and N65000 to get a DSTV decoder fitted; by contrast, GOTV decoders range in price from N6000 to N9000, depending on where you shop.

What makes DSTV decoders so pricey, you may wonder? Explained in further detail. Both the DSTV HD and the DSTV Explora decoders are available from DSTV. The DSTV HD decoders for ordinary users are a good fit for the vast majority of viewers. For those who can afford it, DSTV Explora is an excellent choice.

Apps for DSTV and GOTV

Apps for both cable TV providers can be downloaded from Google Play and used to execute tasks such as subscription, clearing problem warnings, and contacting customer care, among others.

Another major difference between the two cable networks may be found here. There are just 36 channels in the lowest GOTV package (GOTV Smaller), and only 57 channels in the most costly package (GOTV Jinja), in the GOTV bundle available. There are more than 40 channels in the Padi DSTV plan, whereas the most expensive DSTV package offers more than 175 channels. On the other hand.

Accordingly, it is not unexpected that the subscription fees for each of them are significantly diverse.

Packages for DSTV and GOTV

You can choose from Padi (Yanga), Confam (Compact), Compact Plus (Premium), or Compact (Premium). The lowest monthly DSTV subscription plan costs N1850, and the maximum monthly DSTV subscription costs N18400. GOTV offers four subscription options: GOTV Max, GOTV Jinja, GOTV Jolli, and GOTV Smallie. GoTV subscriptions start at N800 per month, with the most expensive one costing N3600 per month.

As previously said, DSTV offers more subscription packages than GOTV, making it an excellent option for clients who enjoy a wide range of options.

Quality of DSTV and GOTV Image

DSTV’s picture quality is far superior to that of GOTV. Because HD is used on DSTV, this may be the reason why. We believe that many people may not even notice it unless they are explicitly told about it. However, you may notice a difference if you’ve been watching DSTV without a channel number. Despite this, we have no reason to be dissatisfied with GOTV’s low cost.

It’s almost the same for both DSTV and GOTV Payments. Regardless of which method of payment is supported by one, it is supported by the other. This is the only distinction between the two.

Upgrades in DSTV and GOTV

Both cable TVs make it simple to switch from one subscription plan to another. In order to have it done, phone their customer service numbers, use the applications or visit their offices in person. The apps, on the other hand, are the most convenient.

You don’t have to pay the full sum of the upgrade because you only have to pay the balance on the package to which you’re upgrading, which is a great perk of both cable networks. You’ll still have the same number of days left in your current plan when you upgrade.

Updates for DSTV and GOTV are done Over The Air (OTA), thus nothing needs to be done on your end. Whenever an upgrade is available, all you have to do is pick “OK” and the update will run itself until it is finished.

Which is Better, DSTV or GOTV?

It’s great for those who have more money to spend and a wider variety of channels to choose from, thus DSTV is the best option. However, if you’re on a tight budget and still want to watch a cable network, GOTV would be a good option for you.

We hope this clarifies things for you. The comment box below is open for any further questions you may have.