DSTV Subscription Packages, Prices & Channels

In this post, we will be talking about all DSTV Subscription packages, how much they cost and how to subscribe to any of the packages of your choice.

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DSTV is a product of MultiChoice and originated from South Africa and established in 1995, though it came to Nigeria in 1996 and since then we have been enjoying every bit of it.
For those who cant afford DSTV, we also have a cheaper package of cable tv which is also from the same company of which the majority of the stations you have on the DSTV can also be found on this cheap one called GOTV.

In order to serve all members regardless of the state or area you find yourself, DSTV rolled out packages of various kinds for their subscribers, of which you can go from a lower package to a higher one or from higher package to lower, the higher the package the higher the number of stations you will have access to.

The DSTV has some categories of channels based on the package you subscribe to and they are into niches like entertainment, news, sports, lifestyle, science, family and many more.

Without much ado, let us quickly show you the subscription packages of DSTV and what each of the packages consists of.

DSTV Subscription Packages and Bouquets (Latest prices)

As a first-timer with DSTV, you should know that the price isn’t as expensive as you initially thought, the first access charge for this service ranges between NGN 20,000 to about NGN 45,000; if you are paying within this range then you should know that your payment covers the cost of installation of your satellite dish, decoder and cables, including other installation services.

As a new DSTV owner, you automatically get a free three months subscription access to interesting number of channels. Below are the subscription packages;

DSTV Access – (N2,000)

The DSTV Access is the smallest package which only cost N2,000 monthly. Giving you access to over 90 different TV channels, both international and local, this bouquet with its cheap amount shouldn’t raise your expectations as you only get access to what you paid for, though you will have access to more local stations.

DSTV Family – (N4,000)

The name speaks for it, this kind of subscription is what a family would love most, you have access to channels that have most of their programs focused on family.

This package is the most popular DSTV subscription package in Nigeria as it is cheap and it offers you enough channels that add value to your money.

You will have access to more than 110 channels, example of the channels are Cartoon Network, and so many more channels that interest kids, and also you get access to news, sports, movies channels and to crown it some audio stations are added.

Though there are no HD channels included and this package only cost N4,000 monthly.

DSTV Confam – (N4,500)

The DSTV Confam is a little bit cheaper, you just have to add N500 to the previous package to enjoy more added values. with just N4,000, you enjoy up to 120 quality channels monthly.

DSTV Compact – (N6,800)

This package is one of the packages that suits almost everybody as you will have access to over 135 channels to choose from. You will get much more essential channels and you have like 69 which are the default channels.

This package only costs you N6,800 monthly.

DSTV Compact Plus – (N10,650)

The DSTV Compact Plus is the package that sports lovers usually prefer because with this package you will have access to over 155 channels and it only costs you NGN 10,650 for every month. This is the second-highest monthly subscription that DSTV offers.

This bouquet has many sports stations and is the first choice for sports lovers in Nigeria, you are exposed to a very large variety of sports stations than the previous packages we’ve mentioned earlier.

You will be able to watch Super Sport 7(SS7) and Super Sport 10(SS10) and you have some more quality sports stations that will interest you.

Every other channel that are present in the previous lower subscription are also added to this package, e.g. African Magic, Kids Channels, Music and many more.

DSTV Premium – (N15,800)

This is the highest package you ever wish for, this is suitable for viewing centers where you can watch champions league and other HD stations. This package is the complete package of DSTV as you have access to all DSTV channels in HD, SD alongside audio channels.

This package goes for N15,800 with no channel restriction, to crown it all, you will even get access to bonus channels, and as new channels are being added to DSTV you have instant access.

Also, as a subscriber of this DSTV package, you get a special DSTV mobile+ package.

DSTV Compact Channels in Nigeria

The most commonly subscribed to package is the DSTV compact subscription and according to DSTV official website, they have about 69 major channels and they are grouped into categories. Check them out;

Audio (23 channels): DMX classic rnb, DMX- Blues, CORO, 94.7, DMX soft hits, BBC world service, DMX reggae, DMX Chamber, Citizen Radio, BBC Afrique, Chinese Radio, 100 FM, Capricon FM, DMX cityscapes, DMX contemporary, BBC world radio, DMX smooth jazz, 1485 AM Radio, Cape Talk, DMX classic jazz, DMX classic, 5FM, and BBC Africa.

General Entertainment: Dish on TV, Big brother, AXN Black, African magic show max, African Magic Yoruba, 1 Magic, African Magic Igbo, African Magic Urban, Colors, BBC Brit, AXN white, Bay TV, Cape Town, Boom TV, A+, Comedy central and Cine+ Star.

Music: Channel O, Afro Music pop, B4U music and Afro Music

Local: Channels TV, BISCON TV, BCOS, Channel Ten, EBS TV.

Documentary, Lifestyle and EDU: Discovery HD, Crime and investigation, A&E Bio.

Kids and teens: Disney channel, cartoon network, Nickelodeon, jim jam

News and commerce: CNN, BBC News, Bloomberg TV, Arise News and CNC world

Lifestyle and culture: Discovery TLC and BBC Lifestyle.

Religion: Emmanuel TV

Movies: MNet Action, B4U movies and All-Stars

As you can see, this is a nice package and not just the ones listed here, you also have extra bonus channels. So if you love this article kindly share.