How To Reset Your DSTV Decoder After Payment

How To Reset Your DSTV Decoder

If after renewing your subscription, some subscribed channels are still not working, it means you need to reset your DSTV decoder. This guide will show you different methods you can use to reset your DSTV decoder if you are missing some channels even after making payment.

Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) is one of the best entertainment and leading cable provider managed by Multichoice Africa Limited. It is easy and simple to operate, so far you know how to go about it.

Most Nigerians face problems regarding their DSTV decoder especially when they refused to renew their subscription before its expiry date. The automatic disconnection done by the DSTV office may delay the activation of the channels even after payment. So, you have to notify the DSTV office to reset your decoder back after payment.

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How To Reset Your DSTV Decoder After Payment

There are many ways to go about it if your DSTV decoder is acting funny even after payment. You can either reset it either by using DSTV self-service or sending messages to the customer care representative or use any of the stated steps below.

1. Via SMS

Sending a message via SMS is easy and it delivers quick results in resetting the DSTV decoder. Once you make payments for your subscription. Just text RESET with your smartcard number and send it to 30333. This is what will notify the DSTV to reactivate your subscription.

Once you send the message, you will get a response that the reauthentication is in progress.
Just wait for some minutes and you will be able to view the previously missed channel.
Note: Before doing this, ensure that your decoder is powered on and your smartcard is placed well.

2. Using DSTV Self service option

If you have tried sending the SMS to the DSTV office, and no changes were made. You can try to reset the decoder by yourself by following these steps;

1. Visit DSTV official Website by clicking HERE.

2. Select your country as Nigeria if you are using the decoder in Nigeria

3. Proceed by signing into your account by filling your name or mobile number with your SmartCard number where appropriate

4. Click on fix error then input your smartcard number on the dialogue box provided.

5. Choose the E16 error option

6. Verify you are a human being by entering the captcha text displayed.

7. Press  fix error

8. After completing the above-mentioned steps, the decoder will be reset and your subscribed channels will start showing again.

3. Via the Remote Controller

Instead of using any of the above-stated methods, you can also choose to reset your decoder using the DSTV remote controller. Even though this method is simple and less stressful, you have to be familiar with the remote control. You also need to be fast when pressing the remote.

Follow these steps to reset your DSTV decoder using the remote;

  1. Search the DSTV remote controller for RESET and the STANDBY buttons.
  2. Press the two buttons together at once and “DL” will be displayed on the surface.
  3. Then Go ahead to press the STANDBY button, followed by P+, P-, P+, and then the STANDBY button again.

Note: Ensure you press them quickly and your decoder will be reset. In case you can’t find your remote control, you can also do this on the decoder itself. Just search for the STANDBY Button and RESET buttons on the decoder and follow the above-listed steps.
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4. Via USSD code

You can also reset your DSTV decoder using a USSD code. All you need to do is to follow these steps

  1. Dial the USSD code *288*2#
  2. Select 1 to choose DSTV from the displayed options
  3. Input your Surname with the Decoder smartcard number and confirm your DSTV account number
  4. Select FIX ERRORS from the options
  5. Choose E16 ERRORS and confirm it
  6. Wait for some minutes and your subscribed channel will start showing.

With all these methods, you should be able to reset your DSTV decoder all by yourself when it’s showing Error.


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