Ear Wax Removal: Safe Ways of Dealing With Ear Wax

Ear Wax Removal 101: Ear waxes are like gold mines stocked dip within the human ear canal. Ear waxes are also present in mammals. Have you ever wondered why we have ear waxes? Many are oblivious of the fact that the ear waxes are built up for specific purposes.

We jam in our cotton swabs at the slightest ear itch with the aim of getting off ear dirt without knowledge if the fact that we are actually digging out the gold mines are letting them off so easily.  I was also a major culprit in this act until I discovered the very secrets behind ear waxes.

The outer ear secretes mainly oil and sweat. This secretion in combination with dead skin cells, hair and dirt make up the ear wax.

There are two types of ear waxes. Which vary in people as a result of their gene.

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1. The wet ear wax which is usually moist and honey brown in colour,  and
2. The dry ear wax which is usually grey and flaky.

The ear wax consists of long-chain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids,  alcohol, squalene and cholesterol. They lubricate the ear preventing it from drying and itches.  The ear waxes also serve to protect the ear from bacteria, fungi, insects and water.

Studies have shown that the ear wax cannot be completely eliminated from the ear since it serves a natural purpose in protecting the ear.

 Under the ideal circumstance, the ear should never be cleaned. however, this isn’t always the case as ear waxes should be plunged out at intervals when they accumulate to avoid ear defects such as earaches, ear blockages and even ear odour.

Ear Blockages

When the ear wax has accumulated to an extent in the ear canal, it tends to push against the eardrum and as such causing partial hearing loss. This is one of the major reasons why many people tend to be partially deaf.

Ear Aches
When waxes increase to a great extent, the ear begins to itch, this may also cause a sensation of many tiny noises within the ear. This occurrence is precursors to earaches. At this juncture, the ear doctor should be contacted so that ear build-ups can safely be removed.

Ear Odour
Another ailment that occurs when we leave ear build-ups for far too long. The waxes accumulate and the slightest ear injury incurred may mix up with ear wax and leads to something quite malodorous.

Many at times, ear build-ups are pushed back In attempt to clean the ear with cotton swabs. This is the more reason why we should adopt proper patterns in cleaning the ear.

Cotton swabs which are most majorly used are not all that ideal in cleaning the ear, as it may introduce bacteria to the ear and also push back the waxes.

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Ear candles, on the other hand, are far worse. Ear candles are not safe options for wax removal as they may result in serious ear injury and burns. They may also lead to obstruction of ear canal with the blockage by candle waxes or worse lead to perforation of the membrane that separates the ear canal and middle ear.

Some people develop the habits of probing the ear with just any objects that could go in. This act leads to about 60 per cent of ear havoc in Africa.

Ear wax softening solutions are better remedies for cleaning the ear.

The ear is a very intricate part of the body and should be treated with care. Visiting the ear doctor at intervals of  6 to 12 months for check-ups and routine preventive cleaning  are better ways of keeping
the ear in proper order


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