Enhance Your Business Reach via Whatsapp Marketing

Social media platform is becoming a fast-rising platform for business marketing in recent times with tons of businesses present on one or more social media platform so as to reach out to a wider audience and engage their customers more closely. Among these social media platforms that are greatly explored is WhatsApp. If you are interested to learn How to use WhatsApp for Business Promotion, then read through this article from beginning to ending.


If you have been using WhatsApp as your social media tool to market your business but facing some challenges, then this article on How to Enhance Your Business Reach via WhatsApp Marketing is for you. Below are some key strategic steps that will help you on How to use WhatsApp for Business Promotion.

  1. Start by using the “WhatsApp Business App”
  2. Setup An Interactive Engaging Brand Persona
  3. Create A Strong Phone Database
  4. Provide Rich Relevant Content
  5. Provide Excellent Customer Service
  6. Conduct Consumer Research and Gather Feedback
  • #1. Start by using the “WhatsApp Business App”

The first strategy we will provide you in this piece of informative writing on How to Enhance Your Business Reach via WhatsApp Marketing is to make use of the WhatsApp Business App instead of the normal WhatsApp App. The reason is because the WhatsApp Business App was designed with small businesses in mind. The app is equipped with elements such as Business Profiles, quick replies, job descriptions, automated messaging, message statistics, labels, and so on. Contacts on your WhatsApp list will be able to read about your business from your profile including your business name, business description, working hours, job description, etc. Also, this app is simple and easy all by yourself.

  • #2. Setup an Interactive Engaging Brand Persona

Still interested in How to use WhatsApp for Business Promotion, the next step we included is to create an interactive engaging brand persona for your contacts to engage with. First of all, you need to create a unique number just for this function. The next action to take is to create a “real person” to manage it, thereby directly making the conversation a lot more personal because an engaging and interactive experience is what customers delight in. Reason has been that people find it more convenient knowing there is a real person on the other side of the chat, exchanging pictures of products they are interested in, asking questions, etc.

WhatsApp has proven to be an effective tool for promoting open transparent two-way communication and also a great medium to help clients to get all the information they need to know about the brand’s vision and products.

  • #3. Create a Strong Phone Database

Taking us further in our discourse on How to Enhance Your Business Reach via WhatsApp Marketing is to create setup a strong phone database. It is always interesting when customers chat you up and you instantly recognized them, it makes them feel special that they are not forgotten. That is why you need to design an engaging promotion message that will attract customers. You can also come up with ideas that will attract them such as getting a freebie or giving them a service discount.

Therefore, in order to add your customers to your WhatsApp business database, you need to send an invitation to contact and then perform some of the above functions to attract and keep them. Once customers are added to your WhatsApp database, which is why it is important that you adhere to this step.

  • #4. Provide Rich Relevant Content

As we continue to reel out steps on How to use WhatsApp for Business Promotion, the next tip is to provide rich relevant content. WhatsApp is a strong marketing tool known to engage clients and easy to know what your customer interest is by sending engaging and relevant messages. Don’t bore customers with long and unnecessary content but it should be short, concise, meaningful, and appealing. You can create a business group on your WhatsApp to engage your customers and it shouldn’t be too crowded. A maximum of 300 persons will suffice.

  • #5. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Another important step you need to consider on How to Enhance Your Business Reach via WhatsApp Marketing is to provide excellent customer service. Customer service is key to business growth because how you respond and attend to your customers’ queries is important.  WhatsApp can be used for support representatives and clients making it an intelligent tool that can be used for quality service to customers’ feedback and inquiries.

  • #6. Manage Consumer Research and Gather Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is important and that brings us to the final step on How to use WhatsApp for Business Promotion is to carry out consumer research and gather feedback. It is important that you conduct marketing research so that you can make improvements that will please your customers and in turn increase your business reach. Also, WhatsApp provides customer data on trends, behaviors, and past purchases. On the other hand, customers can also give instant feedback on various issues.

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Conclusion on How to Enhance Your Business Reach via WhatsApp Marketing

We have come to the end of our discussion on How to Enhance Your Business Reach via WhatsApp Marketing having provided six important steps that will help your business reach using WhatsApp as a marketing tool. Don’t waste time to make use of the steps that we have provided in this article and we assure you that if you diligently follow each process as you ought to, in no time your business reach will stretch a great mile than you can fathom. Also, you can employ other measures that may not be covered in this article, especially if it is healthy for your business marketing.

We hope you enjoy reading this article on learning about your business reach via WhatsApp marketing and how helpful this article is by giving us feedback.

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