Top 10 Fastest Rappers in Nigeria Presently

The music industry has gotten to its peak in Nigeria. Hence, there are lots of musicians and rappers who are making it real in the industry. However, this article will passionately list out the top and fastest rappers in Nigeria presently. It is no longer a new thing for fans to argue which of their rapper celebrity is the fastest rapper in Nigeria and from reputable achievements, we will answer the question:

Who is The Fastest Rapper in Nigeria?

  1. Olamide

Olamide Adetunji popularly known with his stage name Olamide is a Successful Rapper in Nigeria, born May 15, 1989, in the Bariga Are of Lagos State.  Baddo, as he’s fondly called, is the boss of the YBNL record label. He is one of the fastest Yoruba rappers Nigeria has ever produced. Olamide derived pleasure in rapping in Yoruba with a mix of Pidgin.

He is in fact, one of the richest rappers and ranked of the best musicians in Nigeria presently. his first single ‘Eni Duro’ released in 2010 brought him to the limelight and was followed in 2011 by his first album titled ‘Rapsodi’. Some of his notable awards nominations include Best Rap Album, Artiste of the Year, Best Rap Single, Album of the Year, and many more.

  1. M.I Abaga

M.I Abaga is blessed with manipulating words in his rap without any hitch. No doubt, he made it to the top 10 fastest rapper in Nigeria 2020 as he’s one of the fastest rappers that has ever graced the Nigerian soil.  Although his rap songs are no longer felt like before again, his rapping styles have been compared to that of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West.

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He has featured other great industry acts and has won many awards. he has been nominated 22 times and has won a total of 18 global awards.

  1. Phyno

Phyno is another fastest rapper in the Nigerian music industry. Phyno fyno started as a producer before he became the best Igbo rapper. Phyno has a unique talent and can as such rap and also sing. He emerged and took over the Igbo rap scene, gaining more position than the like of Mr raw, Slow Dog, and the likes. Phyno and Olamide are seen as the rap gods. however, there has been a lot of comparisons lately as who is the best, Phyno vs Olamide? From the net worth estimation of 2018, Olamide had a total net worth of $10million while phyno came short by $2million, therefore, making Olamide the richest. but when it comes to who is the fastest Igbo rapper in Nigeria? Phyno remains the king.

  1. Ice Prince

The list of the fastest rappers in Nigeria will be incomplete without the name of Ice Prince Zamani included. People do argue as to who rap faster between him and M.I. Ice deserves his place in the top 5 fastest rappers in Nigeria. he has created a niche for himself and has fought to maintain it long after his first single ‘Olekun’ took the airwaves by storm in 2010.

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  1. Reminisce

Reminisce also stands out when it comes to rapping with great speed. His style of rap is second to none in the industry.

Although, many people do compare his lyrics with that of the late Dagrin and there has been a lot of argument as to who’s who between him and Olamide.

  1. Illbliss

Oga Boss is used to dropping his rap flows in Igbo and English. Being one of the best rappers in the industry, his Igbo rapping flow can’t stand that of Phynos.

Equally, Illbliss punch lines are powerful and magnificent. He is the 6th fastest rapper in Nigeria as of 2020.

  1. Falz

Falz is also doing well when it comes to rap speed. His rapping style is incomparable. The reason being that he is a comedian and actor. He is the son to the most popular layer in Nigeria, but even though finishing Law school, Falz opted to do music than to practice law. Know by his funny intonation and accent, falz is still a force in the game or rap music.

  1. Vector

Vector style and flows have been compared to that of like Jayz. His fans love him for always giving them a conk and core rap song. Vector has however won several rap battles here in Nigeria and abroad.

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  1. Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz and M.I are siblings and the two have gotten an incredible rap speed. Jesse Jagz is at the time of compiling this list, the 9th fastest rapper in Nigeria.

  1. CDQ

Also a Yoruba rapper and a respected rap lord. CDQ rap style is very unique and classic. If you’ve ever listened to any of his rap songs, you’ll agree with me that he truly deserves the top ten spot.

In conclusion, be informed that there are many established and upcoming rappers who are very fast with their rap flows, the above listed are just lucky to make the top ten list.

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