Slay Queen Knocked Down By A Goat While Taking Selfie

Slay Queen

A now-viral video, as usual, shows when a slay queen was catching fun with her mobile phone camera taking some selfie, but this time, the fun didn’t end well as an angry goat she was trying to capture with herself knocked her down.

One could see in the video how the goat was moving closer to the lady, but she seems not to give a damn and wanted to feature the goat in her photoshoot.

The selfie moment, however, did not end well with the Slay Queen as the angry goat run towards the lady and knocked her with horns, a knock that threw her and the phone away.

I am just wondering how she is feeling now, hope not severely injured shaa. Lol. Women can just snap selfie anywhere. They will learn from this am sure.

Watch the video below;


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