How to Start a Photo Studio in Nigeria

Haven discussed previously on How to Start a Music Studio in Nigeria. Today, we will be providing you with all the practical steps to start a photo studio in Nigeria. One of the lucrative business ideas in the Nigerian entertainment industry right now is the photography business. The trend of visiting the photo studio for taking beautiful pictures is what Nigerians are rocking now.

So if you have a passion for photography and you’ll like to venture into the entrepreneurial world, starting a photo studio is not a bad move.

Hence, to be discussed in this article are the steps and sustainable approach to starting a successful and ultra profitable photo studio.

  1. Get the Necessary Training

You definitely can’t open and operate a photo studio without having the necessary training except if you’ll be capitalizing in the industry for someone else to manage it.

But if the reverse is the case, endeavor to acquire the basic training in photography before setting out proper for the business.

Also, you’ll need to learn the art of Photoshop in order to complement your photography knowledge.

  1. Get a Location

After you must have gone for the photography training and you’re very conversant with the industry, up next is to look for a location to set up your studio.

While selecting a location for your photo studio, there are somethings that you have to consider.

You can’t set up a photography studio in a village or remote area. You need to understand who your target audience and where you can find them.

Knowing who your ideal audience is and where they are will help you in picking the best location for your studio.

  1. Buy The Necessary Equipment

You definitely can’t open a photography studio without the necessary tools and that’s why you’ll have to get them ready at this stage.

A photo studio is more complex than a dark room that the old Nigerian photographers and do use. An ideal photography studio should contain the following:

Photo Camera;


Lights box;

Camera tripod, etc.

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  1. Register with Trade Union

Depending on the state you’ll be operating your photo studio in Nigeria. Becoming a member of the photo studio association is very paramount in some parts of the country.

So if you’ll like to start and operate tour business with rest of mind, it is ideal you ask the veteran in the industry about the trade union.

Corporate with them and get your license to practice freely as you wish as a photographer. Your refusal to corporate with them may later come back to hurt you.

  1. Start Your Photo Studio Business

After you must have got the basic training in photography and Photoshop, get a better location and acquired the necessary tools for the business, you are a step nearer to opening a photo studio in Nigeria.

So, the moment you have inquired about the photo studio trade union in your locality and all the necessary documents and licenses needed have been acquired, you are too good to have a grand opening for your business.

In conclusion, if you carefully follow the above guidelines, you’ll realize the fact that starting a photo studio is as easy as saying “cheese!”