What Makes Hair Grow? 10 Tips to Grow Healthier Hair

have you ever wondered What Makes Hair Grow? Learn these effective 10 Tips to Grow Healthier Hair faster. Have you ever had a bad day at work or school, all because of your hair? One of the most uncomfortable experiences is having to deal with a hot itchy wig, seriously. The wig starts to itch and it becomes increasingly unbearable and difficult for you to remain calm.

Before you know it, you desperately want to locate the restroom or find some private place to take your wig off for a while—but only for a while. Once that is done, you’re right back to where you started. Generally, this kind of situation is one awkward experience no one should have to deal with at all.

But, why go through all of that stress in the first place, when you can activate the power of your natural hair effortlessly? It’s also easy to maintain your natural hair without fuss or having to spend a fortune. However, most women feel less confident about their hair, so they would rather succumb to enduring long hours of stress from hustling between wigs.
Without a doubt, it is very delightful to see a woman rocking her natural hair and looking good while at it. Immediately, the question, “how the onions did she do that!?” almost quietly creeps past your mind, even though you don’t want to show it.

While several women pull this off on a daily basis, others can only wish.
Many women have different excuses for not being able to rock their natural hair the way they would have loved to. The reasons differ, some shy away because of the nitty-gritty of maintenance, others feel reluctant because they have short hair, etc. Meanwhile, your hair length is largely dependent on how healthy your hair is.
Whatever the case, there are several effective measures you can take to make your natural hair beautiful, attractive, and dazzling for any event, and all year long.

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What Makes Hair Grow? 10 Tips to Grow Healthier Hair

Here are some quick-fire Hair Care Tips to set you on your way for natural hair fabulousness!

1. Regular Scalp Massage

The first Tips to Grow Healthier Hair is regular scalp massage. Massaging your scalp regularly, possibly every night, is ideal for healthy natural hair growth.

The process helps to stimulate your hair follicles and allows for free blood flow around and underneath your scalp. Ultimately, this activity can encourage the development of rich and healthy hair growth exponentially.

2. Adapt to Easy Styles

Hairstyles that do not require a frequent retouch using chemical-based hair products and such for renewal are ideal for maintaining healthier natural hair that can endure long term. The good thing is that these hairstyles are mostly easy to make and less expensive.

3. Retain Hair Moisture

A dry hair scalp is one thing you must avoid if you’re serious about maintaining the healthiness of your natural hair. Dry scalps cause injuries easily and could lead to other kinds of issues. Hence, you must ensure that your hair remains moisturized at all times. Thankfully, there is a lineup of ways to achieve this.

Damping your hair and applying products like a leave-in hair conditioner can help you to achieve the desired effects that you seek. Also, this keeps the hair manageable, soft, and healthy.

4. Frequent Detangling

It is not a good thing for your hair to tangle. Allowing your hair to tangle will encourage the activity of dirt and bacteria within the tangled area—this is not good for your natural hair growth. Hence, you must detangle your hair regularly.

If you want to detangle your hair, you can do this by beginning gently from the edges and continuing slowly and carefully until you get to the hair roots. With a careful detangle, breakages can be prevented.

5. Avoid Sulfate-Contained Shampoos

Sulfate is not a good compound for the hair. You must avoid hair products with harmful elements like shampoos that contain sulfate, etc. This kind of hair product usually eliminates the natural moisture contained in your hair

You should opt for hair products that are free of sulfate and other harmful compounds. You can find a variety of good hair products in your local hair care stores. Be sure to ask the seller before buying.

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6. Feed Your Hair

Healthy hair starts from the roots beneath the scalp and develops upwards. Eating healthy is also a requirement for healthy hair growth. However, most people easily neglect this fact. Fruits and vegetables are important foods for healthy hair formation and growth because of their rich vitamin content.

Water is also a very crucial tool for healthy hair growth. Water contains an essential mineral value that is critical for healthy hair formation. An adequate combination of essential minerals and vitamins provides your hair follicles with substantial nutrients that are crucial for the thriving of richer and healthier hair strands.

7. Regular Hair Wash

General hygiene and cleanliness help in combating all kinds of germs and diseases, including the ones that are responsible for poor hair growth. Your hair scalp is the soil on which your hair thrives and if it is not properly cleaned and maintained, your hair will simply not thrive.

The dirtiness of the scalp can congest follicles and pores which will reduce the rate at which your hair should grow. Also, it diminishes the appearance of such hair so that you can tell that the hair is unhealthy.

Effective cleaning and regular washing should be adopted as these are essential prerequisites for the formation and growth of long-lasting healthy hair strands. There are numerous kinds of hair shampoos and soaps that can help to keep your hair clean and healthy. These products can be found in your local hair stores, and at affordable prices too.

8. Practice hair protection at night

Hair protection is important. However, most women put on a carefree attitude regarding this. Some bedspreads, pillowcases, etc. do not support the growth of your hair. While they may feel comfy and plush, they can hinder your hair growth tremendously. This may be due to the kind of materials that they are made from as well as other factors.

To shield your hair from breakage, incorporate materials like silk, satin scarf, or bonnet to wrap up your hair before you go to bed. This will protect your hair from rolling freely onto your bedspread or pillowcase, thereby preventing it from breakages regardless of what kind of material your bedding is made from.

9. Trim regularly

By trimming your hair regularly, you can quickly eliminate broken ends that can cause various levels of hair damage if not removed. You can practice trimming once in three months depending on your hair growth.

10. Heat cautiously

While heating is synonymous with different kinds of hairstyles, too much exposure to high heat levels is not healthy for your hair or scalp. Too much heat brittles the hair and causes it to break or split. You should try to minimize the rate at which you expose your hair to heat.

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Your hair is one of the first points of admiration when you are looked at. Keeping your natural hair in excellent condition makes you look smart, beautiful, and very attractive.

The tips shared on What Makes Hair Grow? 10 Tips to Grow Healthier Hair will help to improve your hair growth and help you maintain beautiful, long-lasting, healthy hair strands all year long.