How to Take Care of Your Hair at Home

hair care

Care for the hair Is a basic requirement for females and males alike. There are several hair diseases that have posed lots of problems to humans. But here are little guidelines on how to tackle these issues and come out with positive results.

  1. Hair dandruff

Dandruff are not diseases.  But are disorders that many seek solutions to. Dandruff can be dealt with by:-

– Constant Care for the Hair:

Lot of people neglect the hair and this act increases  the risks of dandruff and its level of spread.  The hair should be washed regularly. Other hair treatment creams could also be applied to the scalp. But this should not be done excessively as it may be detrimental to the scalp. However, do not neglect the hair and scalp as well and be consistent in hair treatments.

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– application of certain natural remedies can also help reduce dandruff problems.   Such as the application of lemon juice to the hair. Olive oil, just about five to ten minutes before washing the hair or just before going to bed at nights. You are most likely to wake up with a dandruff-free scalp. The later is however of more effect. Egg yolks may be applied to the dry scalp and washed out after one hour.

Also, give time to brushing the hair regularly They help to reduce scalp flakes and itching.   

  1. Hair Thinning:

Hair thinning or pulling out of the hair,  may be caused by hormonal fluctuations.  This may lead to hair loss especially during pregnancy. They could also result from stress or certain medications.  You could arrest the hair by

– increasing protein intake.  Since protein is able to build up body tissues,  they also function well in hair buildup. Therefore, more protein in our diets help to do away with hair thinning.  This is a good preventive measure.

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Drink More Water:

Keeping hydrated is a good measure in keeping the hair intact, it aids in tissue growth as well as hair grooming.

– Vitamin A and Vitamin E: vitamin E encourages the generation of new blood vessels in the body just as much as it does with the growth of the hair. They help hair follicles prevent hair loss. Also, vitamin A rich foods such as carrots, and eggs function effectively in preventing thinning of the hair.

– Taking Herbs and Performing Aromatherapy

Herbs/ natural remedies that could serve as solutions to the problems of hair loss are the use of essential oils to massage the hair after its been shampoo or the use of herb tea. Aromatherapy on the other hand involves the use of essential oils like the the ginger, rosemary,  and lavender to massage the hair. This may not behave immediate effects but are sure to yield positive results within a short time period.

  1. Hair Loss/ Baldness

Losing more than 50  to 100 strands of hair daily is really a great deal.  This may lead to baldness if not prevented in time.  And even so, baldness may not remain permanent. Hair can still be grown back by the use of

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– Hair Massage Oils:

Hair massage oils have shown a great deal in many if not all hair issues. It is therefore proper to have these oils at hand to help enhance the scalp and strengthen hair roots as well as hair follicles.

– The Use of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera contains enzymes that can work efficiently in healthy hair growth by neutralizing hair ph and preventing excessive scalp itches.  The aloe vera gel works greatly on the scalp.

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– Try Brushing Your Hair With Care and Avoid:

Insignificant hair bleaching as it may cause breakage to the hair and tends to damage the hair lightly. Styling the hair with less heat can also help to reduce the extent of hair loss.

Air-dry Whenever Possible:

This won’t affect hair growth and keeps the hair from breakage.


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