8 Health Benefits of Laughter You Don’t Know

No matter how down-and-out we might feel, sharing a sincere laugh with a friend or colleague is enough to brighten our day. Health Benefits of Laughter include stress-reliever, confidence booster, immunity builder, and heart helper.

Apart from being able to solidify your relationships and boost your comfort level, in diverse situations, the chemicals released into your bloodstream each time you giggle can also play a part in improving your health.

Health Benefits of Laughter You Don’t Know

Whether you are looking to better your immune system, stabilize your blood pressure, diminish anxiety, overcome depression, or simply burn calories, keep this in mind: Laughter is really the best medicine. Here’s why.

1. Laughter Increases The Blood Flow to The Heart

There is one part of your body that is particularly fond of laughter and that’s your heart. Based on research, a good laugh quickly increases the blood flow to your heart. Just like cardio, it helps to burn calories and increases your body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Experiencing that gush on a consistent basis will go a long way in reducing the risk of any heart-related problems.

By reducing your stress hormone levels, you are simultaneously cutting the anxiety and stress that impact your body. Additionally, the reduction of stress hormones may lead to a higher performance of your immune system.

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2. It Relieves Stress

When next you’re feeling stressed, have a good laugh. Giggles can immediately relieve the stress response of your body and soothe any tension you’re unconsciously holding onto. What’s more? Laughter will greatly improve your mood, so don’t expect to wear a frown anytime soon.

3. It Burns Calories

Don’t be surprised, amongst the 8 Health Benefits of Laughter, According to experts, laughing for about 10 to 15 minutes can burn between 10 to 40 calories each day, or more if they’re hearty laughs. While it doesn’t seem like a lot because you do not burn tons of extra calories, keep in mind that it’s the small changes you make to your daily routine that will make significant differences. 10-40 calories every day from laughing is enough to lose about 4lbs in a year! In addition, having a hearty laugh will result in a more positive attitude, helping you feel better about yourself and motivated to lose extra pounds.

4. It Reduces Blood Pressure

High blood pressure probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it can be frightening, ultimately increasing your risk of getting heart disease or even a stroke. The act of laughing can enable you to keep those risk levels in check, all because laughing relaxes your nerves and relieves some of that built-up tension and stress.

Whenever you laugh, your blood pressure lowers and beta-endorphins are released in the brain, creating a sense of euphoria. The endorphins act in opposition to the cortisol and adrenaline levels that anxious people experience on a daily basis.

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5. It Reduces Anxiety

If you’re feeling anxious, laughter is one of the most effective strategies you can use. It is a sure way to gain a clearer perspective whenever you’re anxious and worried. Laughter also has the power to transform the scary into the funny and distracts you from negative thinking patterns. It helps to relax your muscles by reducing some of the physical symptoms of stress.

A boisterous and carefree laugh fires up and then calms down your stress response. It can also increase and decrease your heart rate as well as your blood pressure. The result? A soothing feeling.

6. Laughter Helps in Respiration

Have you ever experienced a calming sense of relief after a hearty laugh? Well, that’s because laughter involves deep exhalations that reduce the heart rate and blood pressure, leading you into a much more relaxed state. Like deep inhalation, laughter possesses a cleansing after-effect for people suffering from respiratory ailments such as emphysema.

7. Laughter Eases Physical Pain

How does letting out a little laugh help to ease physical pain? The answer lies in what happens in our bodies when we giggle. When you have a deep and hearty laugh, your muscles move and expand your blood vessels, which send more blood to every part of your body. In addition, your breathing rate increases, thereby increasing the oxygen level in your bloodstream.

An individual with a great sense of humor keeps a positive mindset and takes on every task with optimism. It is seen as the most ideal way to relax oneself as it diminishes the level of stress hormones. Laughter also makes it possible for all our senses to come together naturally and seamlessly to give us a sense of joy and peace.

8. Laughter Gives You a Younger Look

One of the best exercises for facial muscles is laughter. About 10 to 15 facial muscles combine to put a smile on your face. When you laugh, the blood supply to your cheeks increases, thereby nourishing your skin and providing your face with a gleeful glow. It also tones your face up, giving you a young and attractive look.


Now that you know the plethora of advantages attached to laughing, do all that you can to spread joy and laughter around you. Do not hesitate to share a joke or two whenever you get the chance. Find happiness in the little moments. It goes a mighty long way.


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