Highest Paid Engineers in Nigeria and Salaries

This article centers on explaining the highest-paid engineers in Nigeria and their salaries. In Nigeria, there are different kinds of engineers but the highest-paid engineers aren’t really much. Nigeria is blessed with different kinds of engineers of which some have global recognition. 

Some of these engineers receive high payments every month. According to a report, there are close to 40 engineering courses offered in Nigerian universities. As a result, we have 40 different kinds of engineers today. Based on the companies they work for and their nature of work, engineers’ salaries aren’t the same.

Highest Paid Engineers in Nigeria

The following comprise the highest paid engineers in Nigeria today.

  • Electrical Engineers: N500,000 to N1,000,000.
  • Civil Engineers:N500,000 to N1,000,000.
  • Mechanical Engineers: N400,000 to N800,000
  • Production Engineers: N400,000
  • Computer software engineers: N300,000 to N500,00
  • Computer Hardware Engineers: N250,000
  • Network Engineers: N300,000

Electrical Engineers

This category is the highest-paid engineer in Nigeria today. They are paid between N500,000 to N1,000,000 in a high corporation where their services are revered in high esteem. 

They work in companies that generate electricity for government and private individuals. They could also spread their wings to other companies apart from electrical engineering companies. An entry-level electrical engineer earns N100,00 for a start. As time goes on, his salary increases. 

Civil Engineers

This set of engineers is also among the highest-paid engineers. Their Jon function entails building, construction e.t.c. They are the ones responsible for building drainage, government houses, rail tracks e.t.c. Civil engineers handle a lot of jobs and as such, they deserve the salary they earn. 

They are paid between N500,000 to N1,000,000 in as much as they know their onions. They also work for private corporations and individuals to handle their building and construction projects. At entry-level, they are paid N80,000, and as time goes on their salary increases. 

Mechanical Engineers

The mechanical Engineers are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining engines. They see to every problem concerning engines and make sure they’re in good shape. Their work ranges from repairing airplanes to vehicles and lots more. 

The increase of locomotives in Nigeria made them be sought for and they are among the highest-paid engineers for this reason. A top-level mechanical engineer is paid between N400,000 to N800,000 in a big corporation depending on their level of versatility. At the entry level, they are paid between N70,000 to N100,000.

Production Engineers

This set of engineers is involved in manufacturing different machines and automobiles. There aren’t so many in Nigeria owing to the fact that we don’t have many manufacturing companies in the country. This highest paid engineer works in places where cars, ships, airplanes, generators are manufactured. 

A senior Production Engineer earns up to N400,000 every month. At the entry level, they are paid between N60,000 to N80,000 every month. 

Computer Software Engineers

These engineers are involved in making sure the computer performs certain tasks. They create new computer applications and software operating systems. These highest-paid engineers could work in government-owned firms or the private sector. At the senior level. They earn between N300,000 to N500,000 every month.

At entry-level, they earn between N60,00/ to N100,000 every month and their salary increases gradually. See also: Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2022

Computer Hardware Engineers

These professionals are responsible for creating computer hardware. They build, test, and maintain different types of computer components. In Nigeria, these highest-paid engineers are mostly sought for. At a senior level, they are paid N250,000 per month and they are paid N80,000 or more for an entry-level engineer. 

Network Engineers

Network engineers in Nigeria work in companies like Glo, Airtel, MTN, and Etisalat. They mainly work with telecommunication in the country.

Without these people, we will find it hard to connect with our families and friends hence the reason they are among the highest-paid engineers. They work on making sure you’re able to reach your friend when you call each other. 

They are mainly sought after because they aren’t much in Nigeria. They are paid N300,000 upward but then, they deserve more payment because their job function is herculean. 


Engineering is a very lucrative profession, as well as their roles, cannot be over-emphasized. Without them, it’s obvious the world will be boring. I hope you find this article about the highest-paid engineers in Nigeria useful.