Prices of Plastic Water Reservoir Tanks in Nigeria

Prices of Plastic Water Reservoir water tanks are a must-have as well as a necessity to have in recent times. These plastic tanks have come to replace the old metal tanks that were formerly used in the past. In Nigeria, water crises are known to be prevalent in some parts of the country. The only feasible way to curb water crises he through the use of a water tank. 

However, most Nigerian homes suffer water crises due to the inability to buy a water tank or plastic reservoir tank. There are various brands of water tanks and each comes with a unique price. This article centers on providing the prices of water reservoir tanks in Nigeria. Also, this information will be suitable for anyone. Intending to install water tanks for their building construction. Read also about the Top 7 Best Washing Machine Brands In Nigeria.

Prices of Plastic Water Reservoir Tanks in Nigeria

The price of Water Plastic Tanks in Nigeria basically depends on the size of the tank which is usually measured in liters. The brand of the tank determines the price as well as the larger the tank looks. Popular tanks in Nigeria like GeePee, Storex usually cost higher unlike some other less expensive tanks. 

These are the average prices of water tanks in Nigeria:

  • 2500 litres of plastic tanks: N120,000 to N145,000
  • 2000 litres of plastic tanks: N75,000 to N105,000
  • 1500 litres of plastic tanks: N58,000 to N73,000
  • 1000 litres of plastic tanks: N48,000 to N55,000
  • 500 litres of plastic tanks: N39,500 to N45,000

These prices were gathered from reliable sources in the current market. But still, it is important you check the prices of these Water Tanks before you make a purchase because the prices are liable to change. See also: Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services Price List In Nigeria

Top Water Tanks in Nigeria

These are the most used and common water tanks in Nigeria. Due to their frequent use and durability, they are termed the best. They are:

  • GEEPEE Tank
  • Hart Water Tank
  • Storex Water Tank
  • Supreme Water Tank
  • Storewel Water Tank

Things to Consider When Buying Water Storage Tank

Before you purchase a water storage tank, it is pertinent you consider some factors. The following include things you must consider before buying a storage tank. 

  • Consider the Material:

The first thing you should consider when buying a Water Storage tank is the material with which it’s made of. The most cost-effective is the plastic while the heavy-duty is the steel water storage tank. However, the plastic one wouldn’t rust regardless of rain or sun while the steel water tank is liable to rust. 

  • Consider where to place the tank:

It is vital you put this into consideration. You might want to consider a place or a spot that has a partial shade or cover. 

  • Consider what brand or supplier to use:

The next thing you should consider is where you’ll buy your water reservoir tank from. Some brands provide lovely water tanks which can be helpful for your specific needs. Also, some brands require you to seek the service of an installation service that offers top-quality installation.

  • Consider the number of users:

This will help you to know which size or liter of water tank you should buy. The capacity of the tank should be dependent on the number of people living in a house.