How Much Is Appendix Surgery In Nigeria? Updated Price

How much does it cost to have an appendix operation in Nigeria? This has been on top of the search lately and here we have provided details about how much an appendix surgery cost in Nigeria.

In today’s post, you will know what an appendix means, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, possible complications, the cost of operating the appendix and other necessary details you need to know.

An appendix is also known as Appendicitis, the process of removal of Appendicitis is known as appendectomy, check below for the meaning of Appendicitis (Appendix).

What Is Appendicitis?

The appendix is ​​a small extension of the large intestine, which serves as a deposit for bacteria whose function is to assist in the digestion of the food we eat and which travels through the digestive system, from the mouth to the anus.

When the appendix becomes inflamed, it can cause severe abdominal pain, in addition to filling with pus, in a condition called appendicitis or acute appendicitis.

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The disease, in general, causes severe and sharp pain in the right side of the abdomen, usually at the level of the navel.

Appendicitis is quite common, affecting about 7% of the population, which makes it one of the main medical emergencies worldwide.

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Inflammation of the appendix usually appears between 10 and 30 years of age, but it can occur at any age, although it is rare in children under 2 years old.

The appendix is ​​an organ of varying sizes and locations. Its proximity to other organs of the pelvis and abdomen can cause symptoms of appendicitis to be confused with those of other diseases.

Abdominal pain of the appendix usually makes a differential diagnosis with several other problems of the abdomen or pelvis, including diverticulitis, ovarian torsion, ectopic pregnancy and even kidney stones.

What are the causes of Appendicitis?

Appendicitis has several causes, the most common of which is the entry of a little fecal cake, that is, feces, into the appendix, causing irritation and inflammation of the organ.

A gastrointestinal infection that causes an invading bacterium to enter the appendix can also cause appendicitis.

What are the symptoms of Appendicitis?

The 10 most common signs and symptoms of appendicitis are as follows:

  1. Abdominal pain.
  2. Tightening of the abdomen wall.
  3. Chills.
  4. Nausea and Vomiting.
  5. Loss of appetite.
  6. Fever.
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Constipation.
  9. Abdominal distension.
  10. Leukocytosis (increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood count).

Not all signs and symptoms listed above are necessarily present in patients with acute appendicitis. Some of them, such as diarrhea, constipation or bloating, occur in less than half of the cases.

How is Appendicitis treated?

Appendicitis is usually treated by emergency surgical removal. This is because, if the appendix fills up with pus and bursts into the patient’s abdominal cavity, in a process called suppurative appendicitis, the individual may end up with septicemia, followed by a generalized infection, which can lead to death.

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In other words, it is not advised to take any form of medication as there is no medicine to treat such, the only option is surgical removal which leads to how much this could cost you.

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The most interesting thing is that this can be operated and stitched within 20 minutes, back in the days there was fear due to the fact that even after surgery it still leads to death but that fear is over as surgeons now know how best to do it.

You can easily get operated either from the private hospitals or public hospitals, the both are the best place to get a neatly done surgery and you should not exercise any fear as they are perfect in doing stuff like this.

Mind you, this should be seen as an emergency because it is regarded as an emergency. Without taking much time let us take a look at how much it will cost you to get appendix surgery.

How Much Is Appendix Surgery In Nigeria?

Appendectomy in Nigerian hospitals solely depends on the type of hospital you go to, some people have their private doctors who own private hospitals and as we mentioned earlier you can also get operated at public hospitals.

Currently, appendix operation in Nigeria in Government hospitals (general hospitals) cost within the range of ₦60,000 – ₦150,000. You will be made to know that a blood transfusion might be needed and the amount mentioned doesn’t cover that.

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The same goes for private hospitals too but there might be a slight difference in the price and this usually depends on the relationship you have with that particular private hospital.

Mind you, the cost of removal of the appendix can go up to ₦500,000 as earlier said it depends on the type of hospital you are enrolled in and also the location.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Recover From Appendix Surgery?

This is usually measured based on the age of such patient, for someone still young they tend to recover quickly because the skin is still in good shape, the same cannot be said about aged people but at most it takes about two to four weeks for full recovery from an appendectomy.

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It is advised you always to always go medical checkup, our body works just like a machine and sometimes a machine could develop faults. With this faults can be easily identified and you will be told on the necessary steps to take.

The appendix can happen to anyone and you should always take it seriously as it is a life-threatening disease. The removal of the appendix has no side effects so you have nothing to be afraid of.

Now that you know how much it cost to have an appendix operation in Nigeria kindly share this article with your friends via the share buttons below.


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