How To Become A GOtv Dealer in 2021

With the increasing popularity and the customers of GOtv, it’s really a lucrative business to venture into. This article contains a full guide on how to become a GOtv Dealer in 2021.

There is a large market for GOtv or DStv dealers and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. 40% of the GOtv Customers are Nigerians who subscribed monthly.

After stressful days or weeks at work, who wouldn’t want to pay a token just too relaxed and get entertained.

GOtv or DStv is a home of entertainment for Africans with about 174 channels. Ranging from Africa magic to Telemundo, to sports channels to world news channel(CNN International, Aljazeera), faith TV, Islamic channel, NTA, and many more.

This is to show you what you are getting in. It’s a reputable business with a lot to gain from it. Before delving into “how to become a GOtv agent, let’s understand fully how GOtv/DStv works.

What is GOtv/DStv all about?

GOtv and DStv are the two names that are used interchangeably but from the same brand. GOtv and DStv are both owned by the same company known as Multichoice. Multichoice is the mother of TV channels; an Africa entertainment company. GOtv doesn’t use or depend on satellite installation, the reason why it’s rarely affected by the weather.

Who is a GOtv Agents/DStv Dealer?

The words “Agent”, Dealer, and “Distributor” are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. Being a dealer or agent or distributor means you can represent Multichoice brand while playing its roles to the customers.

There are two types of Dealers or Agents. Continue to read to find out which one you are capable of starting with.

1. A SuperAgent/ Distributor

If you have been looking for how to become a GOtv agent and you have a large financial capability, then you can start with this. Being a super Agent or distributor means you will buy directly into GOtv/DStv franchise being able to purchase materials in large quantities and selling to the other type of agent(Sub-agent).

You also have the opportunity to train others on technical skills like installation and how to become a GOtv agent (Sub-agents). You will also have a good connection with the company’s experts and works directly with them. The only difficult thing there is the required capital to start with, which is usually much(millions of nairas).

2. Sub Distributor/Agents

These are the low-level agents of GOtv. They buy directly from Super Agents and sell to the final users. This will only require a small franchise fee as a commitment fee on your post.

Then you undergo the necessary training. Continue reading to learn about the steps on how to become a GOtv agent/Dealer.

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How To Become A GOtv Dealer

1. Financial Capital

Irrespective of the type of GOtv dealer you are thinking of becoming, you will need to pay a franchise fee to the company for training. It isn’t a must you start as a Super distributor. You can decide to start as a sub-agent and grow from there. Remember you will need to pay for other expenses(like renting a shop and so on).

2. Apply for the Training

After getting your franchise money ready, you can download the registration form here.

Download and fill it with the necessary details, then submit the filled form to their E-mail [email protected]

If you prefer doing it physically, you can also go to their nearest office to register.

3. Pay Your Franchise fee to Start the Training

The next step on how to become a GOtv agent is paying your franchise fee, so you can be trained to become an expert. It’s in this training, you will be taught how to install a decoder and other technical procedures.

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Requirements of a GOtv Dealer in Nigeria

  • Attend all the full training done by the Multichoice company
  • Pass the Assessment Exam after doing the training
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.

How to be a GOtv agent in Nigeria is as simple as that! Remember you will be representing the Multichoice brand. It’s important to have good communication skills, be patient enough to solve customers’ complaints.

After registering successfully, you can find a good location to start your business. We also advised you to create a business card to be used in attracting customers. You can also use the DStv or GOtv logo with other approved properties.

In any business, advertising is important. Don’t forget to publicize your new business also either on social media or physically.

Functions of a DStv Agents

  • Sales and changing of old Decoders to the new one.
  • Customers Representative to Multichoice.
  • Subscription renewal for customers.
  • Installation of DStv/GOtv decoder and antenna.

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You can also call the DStv representative on +2348039003788 or use a USSD Code *288# for monitoring your transactions.

With the step by step full guide on how to become a GOtv dealer written in here, we hope you will be able to run the business effectively and make good profits from it.


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