How to Cancel Auto-renewal on Airtel

This article contains the USSD code and tricks to cancel Airtel auto-renewal. If you are looking for how to cancel Auto-renewal on Airtel for any subscription, you should finish this article to learn different methods.

About Airtel

Airtel is one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria. The telecommunication company offers data for subscribers at a cheaper rate as well as affordable airtime.

When it comes to activating Auto-renewal, Airtel is the best. The Telecom company unlike others will always ask you if you will like to subscribe every time you recharge. Thus making it easy to activate Auto-renewal.

Similarly, you can stop any airtel auto-renewal that you do not want or subscribe to unintentionally. Below are the ways you can use to cancel different Airtel auto-renewal.

How to Cancel Auto-renewal on Airtel

Before you can cancel airtel auto-renewal, you must know the exact subscription you subscribe to. Find below the different Airtel auto-renewal codes you can use to cancel different subscriptions.

How to Cancel Airtel Voice Bundle Auto-renewal

To stop Airtel auto-renewal for the voice bundle is very easy once you get the codes. You can do that via SMS or using the USSD code. Check out How To Easily Convert Your Airtime to Cash Today


To cancel voice bundle Auto-renewal, just send STOP to 141 as a message

Via USSD code

If you want to stop Airtel voice bundle auto-renewal using USSD code, follow these instructions.

  • Press *100# on your phone
  • Select 3 to choose Internet bundle as an option
  • Then select 11 to choose More as an option
  • Proceed by picking 4 after to choose Auto-renewal
  • Press 2 to finally cancel the auto-renewal.

How to Stop Airtel Broadband

There are different Airtel broadband subscriptions, thus, it is important to identify the exact subscription if you want to cancel the subscription effectively. Find below some Airtel subscriptions and auto-renewal codes to cancel it. Check out how Airtel Offices in Abuja: Contact Details and Addresses

  • To stop Android bundle’s auto-renewal, use *438*100#
  • Stop Mega bundle by pressing *408*100#
  • For the blackberry bundle, you can cancel the subscription by sending STOP AUTORENEW to 440
  • For all other Airtel broadband subscriptions, send STOP to 141.

How to Cancel WhatsApp Bundle

Are you looking for how to stop WhatsApp auto-renewal on Airtel? Just text STOP AUTORENEW to 440 and your subscription will be canceled.

How to Cancel Airtel Auto-renewal for other Bundles

Are you confused about the exact Airtel auto-renewal subscription that is eating up your airtime? Find below other ways you can use to stop airtel auto-renewal for other bundles.

Through SMS/ Message

You can cancel any airtel auto-renewal subscription by sending messages. All you need to do is to send STOP to 141 and your auto-renewal subscription will be canceled.

Calling Customer Care

You can also deactivate airtel auto-renewal subscriptions by calling their customer care representative number. Dial 111 on your Airtel number and inform the representative of your wish to stop your airtel auto-renewal subscriptions. See How to Speak With an Airtel Customer Care Agent Directly

Through Twitter

Many Airtel subscribers are unaware of this method. You can do a lot by contacting Airtel customer care via Twitter including canceling Airtel auto-renewal.

You can do this by contacting Airtel’s official page on Twitter and sending messages on how you wish to stop airtel auto-renewal on your phone.

Via Email Address

In addition, you can contact the customer care representative by messaging Airtel by email. Send your complaints to [email protected] and it will be attended to within 24 hours.


Auto-renewal can be annoying especially when you have another plan for your airtime. Therefore, ensure you follow any of these steps to stop your auto-renewal subscriptions. In case one method is not working, you can try another.

Which of the above methods was effective in stopping your Airtel auto-renewal? Share with us via the comment section, let us hear your thoughts.


How to Cancel all Airtel auto-renewal subscriptions?

You can stop airtel auto-renewal subscriptions by sending STOP to 141 via SMS

How to Stop WhatsApp auto-renewal on Airtel?

To cancel your WhatsApp auto-renewal subscription, send STOP AUTORENEW to 440