How To Track AdSense Pin In Nigeria

This article is aimed at explaining the nitty-gritty of how to track Google AdSense Pin in Nigeria. It would help if you had an AdSense Pin to partner with Google and run their ads on your website. To verify the google AdSense Pin, site owners will enter the six-digit pin sent to their chosen address. 

Getting an AdSense Pin for Nigerian bloggers can be quite hard due to the time duration it takes before google sends the AdSense Pin to their destination and address. The Google AdSense Pin often doesn’t reach the expected address or destination due to Nigeria’s poor addressing system. Most bloggers have their ads restricted due to the inability to verify their AdSense Pin. 

For this reason, We have come up with a thorough and easy way to track Google AdSense Pin in Nigeria. This article explains where you’re likely to find your AdSense Pin in Nigeria. 

How Does The AdSense Pin work

AdSense matches text and display based on your content and visitors. The ads that appear on your website are paid for by advertisers that want to promote their products. The amount you earn from different ads varies because each ad requires more payment from advertisers to another. 

Google monitors everyone that visits your website, and they ensure that you get paid when the guest eventually clicks on the ad. 

How To Find Google AdSense Pin in Nigeria

Google sends the AdSense Pin through three different methods. 

  • By phone number
  • By using NIN, ID cards, International Passport e.t.c. 

It is pertinent to note that the Google AdSense Pin in Nigeria cannot be tracked using some tracking numbers. The only way that is much easier to track your Google AdSense Pin is by moving around to locations where your AdSense Pin can be dropped in Nigeria. 

Google sends out the personal identification number of bloggers to their designated address. Google makes it easier in a way that bloggers can request a resend of the link because they’re aware of the AdSense Pin not reaching the required destination. 

Although, after four months of sending the AdSense Pin and the blogger doesn’t assess it, Google will automatically restrict their ads. Bloggers try as much as possible to avoid this problem. 

Since getting an AdSense Pin in Nigeria has become a big problem, we’ve come up with the easiest way to locate and find AdSense Pin in Nigeria. See How to Track a Phone Number in Nigeria

How To Track AdSense Pin in Nigeria

Google sends AdSense Pin through the Nigerian Postal Service ( NIPOST). So many AdSense pins are in postal offices across the country. 

NIPOST workers are expected to deliver this pin to their owners, but due to poor attitude to work, the reverse is the case. Most people now add their contact numbers while entering their address pin delivery address. 

Adding your contact number to the AdSense Pin delivery address is important because it makes it easier for NIPOST workers to contact you. Gone are the days when letters are being sent to their various recipient. 

The easiest way to find your AdSense Pin is to visit post offices within the location of the address you registered. For example, if Ibadan is your address, you should always check post offices within that vicinity from time to time. This helps you prevent unnecessary delays.

However, some people in Nigeria do get their AdSense Pin delivered to their homes directly. It all depends on the post office your letter landed at or the address you registered. See  How to Cancel Auto-renewal on Airtel (Updated)

How Long Does AdSense Pin Arrive Nigeria

It might take the duration of 2 to 4 weeks before your Google AdSense Pin gets delivered to your chosen address in Nigeria. In a situation whereby you don’t see your Google AdSense Pin delivered to you in your home, be in the know that it must be lying in a post office.