How to Create Animated Images: The Age of GIFs

How to Create Animated Images: The Age of GIFs

How can I create a gif image? Generally, gifs are made of scenes from films, series or reality shows and are already on the internet for us to use as we prefer, if you want to know how to create animated images you will want to read this to the end.

The point is, many people don’t know exactly where to find the right GIFs for what they intend to do.

They would like to be able to create their own animated images. That’s what we explain in this post!

If you want to know everything about using and creating GIFs, read on about how to create animated images below.


What is a GIF?

As you probably already know, GIFs are those animated images, widely used on websites, blog posts, email and social networks.

They fit in many situations: to make a funny comment on Facebook, reply to a message on WhatsApp or illustrate some text that you have posted on a blog, in a more interesting way. GIFs are almost always much more fun than still images or texts alone.

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Before the tips: most people pronounce this word as “giv”. But, according to the format’s creator, the correct one would be “jif”, with the sound of j.

What matters is that, on the internet, you can call these images both ways.

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How to use GIFs?

GIFs are nothing more than normal images, with the difference that they are usually animated.

So, if you find any interesting one on social networks or in your internet searches, just save it and send it wherever you want for later use, just as you do with any other image.

However, there are some tools by which you can search for more GIFs: so if you have been searching for websites to download gif images, the main ones are Tenor and Giphy.

Within these sites, there are search tools for you to find the images you want by themes.


They are usually classified according to adjectives or sensations that they express, such as “laughter” or “surprise”.

You can also find many GIFs in Google Images itself: just type the term you want with the word GIF, such as “dogs gif”, for example.

Now, if you want to use a GIF on social media – like Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook – you can also use the search tool built into these apps. When you are writing a post or comment, select the “GIF” option and choose your image.

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How to create a GIF image?

If you want to create your own animated image, there are tools for that. One of the most interesting is Giphy, which you can access through your internet browser or in the applications available for Android and iOS.

To start, just click on the “Create” button: you can make your GIF from several images or using an excerpt from a video.

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You can select the length of each stretch and the entire animation easily by dragging the scroll bars on the screen.

Then, you can add captions to your GIF, personalize it with stickers or filters and even scribble on top of it.

Finally, did you know that you can also create GIFs on WhatsApp? That’s right: you can make animated images with videos recorded on the application’s own camera or with movies saved on your phone.

As soon as you click to send it, WhatsApp will give you the option to send it as a video or as a GIF.

The only thing is that the tool only works with movies of up to six seconds, but it is another simple option for you to create your GIF.

We hope that with these tips, you can have a lot of fun using GIFs wherever you want! Kindly share across your various social media accounts via the share buttons.


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