Tutorial: How To Hard Reset All Sony Xperia Smartphone Models

Want to hard reset your Sony Xperia device? As we all know, a Smartphone is the most important tool that you can have, this is because they are personal assistants from all over the world.

For that reason, you have to learn everything about the model you have, even how to erase it completely. With that in mind, this tutorial was created, so you can learn how to reset all Sony Xperia models.

Not knowing how to fix your own mobile is a child’s thing, since any adult or professional who respects himself nowadays has to have at least notions of how to repair his own mobile.

Before starting with the explanation, it must be said that this guide will only serve you to restore the Xperia, so if what you want is to reset or restore an iPhone you have to check back on this blog.

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Hard Reset Sony Xperia

How to reset all Sony Xperia models?

Now, to go straight to the point that interests you and that you can learn how to reset all Sony Xperia models quickly, what you have to know is that there are two ways in which you can achieve that.

The first is from the configuration of your own mobile. To do it you have to first go to the section called “Menu”, and within it move to “Settings”.

Next, go to the option called “Backup”, from there navigate until you find the section “Reset phone to factory settings”, within this press “Reset phone”, and finally click on “Delete all ”.

The result will be that all information that was on your mobile is lost forever, eliminating any problems that have existed previously (software), and leaving the memory completely empty to use from 0 (you will even have to re-enter your email, passwords, etc).

As a reminder, before deleting everything, create a backup with all your important files, such as contacts, photos, music albums, application information, among other things, since this procedure cant be reverted.

To create the backup you have many options, you can use Sony Companion or any program that works as a cloud (you can also use a PC to save everything as in the old days).

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Discover the hard reset of Sony Xperia phones!

Now that you know how to reset all Sony Xperia models from the mobile configuration, it is time for you to learn how to do the same but from the recovery mode (although it sounds difficult, in reality the procedure is as easy as restarting the factory mode Samsung Galaxy or any other android device).

The first thing you have to do to achieve this procedure is to turn off your mobile, then you have to press the power keys and increase volume button+ at the same time.

This action causes the phone to vibrate to turn on, at that moment release the power button and hold down the volume button for at least 10 consecutive seconds.

With this, the mobile will vibrate again but this time it will turn off, indicating that the procedure has already been carried out, now all you have to do is turn it on and reconfigure it as you want to use it.

If you have a backup, the data will be recovered from there if you wish, so you do not have to worry about losing what you have saved.

With that last thing you saw, you know everything you need to say that you are an expert when it comes to resetting all Sony Xperia models.

So you no longer have anything to do here, you can go ahead and enjoy your reset mobile. 


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