How to Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home

Natural vision correction and sight improvement are means with which we can clearly improve eyesight health using natural remedies and relaxation tips like eye massage and eye exercises without the use of glasses, drugs or corrective lenses. These notions seem almost impossible to others but have proven to be true and have been portrayed on individuals frequently.

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

The best ways for improving sight and vision is by giving the eyes sufficient needs without the help of lenses and surgery.  The eyes require vitamins A which has been shown to aid vision.

Improving Eyesight starts with Improving Your Eating Habits A deficiency of it hurts the rhodopsin pigment of the eyes and may result in a poor vision at night or in low light.  This is referred to as night blindness. Lutein is also a very important antioxidant that helps pigment cells of the eye shield against excess light.

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The eye requires other essential vitamins; vitamin C, E, and K. They also require other antioxidants like the beta carotene to promote eye health. Therefore, to improve it is essential to incorporate food rich in these vitamins and antioxidants In our daily diets.

Citrus fruits and juices like the oranges tangerine, grapefruits and limes are major foods for the improvement of sight. They should be taken more often.

Foods rich in vegetables like spinach, collard, and carrots are also of great value to the eyes.
Eating more bananas, beans, and nuts as well as incorporating omega 3, fatty acid-rich foods like the fish into diets are also very good means in boosting the sight and other body requirements.

In an attempt to improve eyesight, it is advisable to avoid anything that may lead to eye strains such as:

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1. Staring at the screen for too long

A number of people are found victims in the act. Excessive staring of the tv screen, computer screen or even phone screens when trying to work, study or whatever it is you do reacts negatively to strain the muscles associated with the eyes.

This invokes eye strain which is actually very bad for the eyes. It is better to do the eyes some good by reducing fixed gaze on screens and well, if you must keep doing so, do not forget to blink often for about 12 to15 times per minute on the average.

If possible do this deliberately. It is known that we tend to blink less when we place our focus on screens and as such induces dryness to the eye surface which sometimes causes irritation and creates burning sensation to the eyes.

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Also, you can zoom the texts on the screen if possible. This also helps to reduce eye strain. Stay at least 25cm away from the screen even phone screens.

Reading under conditions of dim or low light:

Reading under conditions of dim or low light can also cause one to strain the eyes. Read under bright lights.

Too much exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to cataracts:

Avoid staying under your room bulbs and avoid staring at them. When under the sun wear sunglasses and during work in areas where you will be exposed to UV light, the use of eye goggles is always recommended.


To correct vision without the use of corrective lenses, try eye exercises. (Depending on the nature of eye defects).The 6 muscles surrounding the eyes can be trained to enhance perfect vision. They may take longer periods but are sure to effectively correct sight.


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