How to Make Toilet Paper: Step-By-Step Guide

How is toilet paper made? Toilet paper is probably the most essential item in our home; after all, nobody would like to be without it.

We use it so much and it is so indispensable that it seems that it has always existed and it is not so; it is a relatively new invention.

The ancient civilizations used various materials such as wool, sponges, corn or lettuce leaves, etc …

In today’s post, we are going to teach you the step by step guide on how to make toilet paper yourself especially during this lockdown, but before that, let us quickly check out information about the inventor of toilet paper.


New Yorker Joseph C. Gayetty, in 1857 began marketing unbleached manila leaves, which he called Gayetty Medicated Paper. What Gayetty did not know was that this paper would be a resounding failure that did not replace paper sheets and rags. 

The Englishman Walter Alcock suffered the same fate in 1879 when he launched his own product in the form of a roll of paper since the morals of his time collided with this new invention. 

Finally in 1867 two American brothers, named Edward and Clarence Scott, managed to popularize in the United States the use of a today universal product, toilet paper, the success was thanks to the fact that they offered the product in small rolls.

Without much ado, let us go straight to the point ;

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  • Large used newspaper sheets or similar papers  except for glossy magazine papers
  • Baby oil, Aloe oil, or any unscented oil
  • Large pot
  • Water
  • A handful of leaves & grasses
  • Spoon or ladle
  • Large cutting board or any wooden board
  • Bucket or tub
  • 2 large towels
  • Rolling pin
  • Rubber mallet
  • Weights
  • Scissors
  • Heating source (gas cooker, stove, etc.)

After getting all the above materials then you can now proceed to the instructions below on how to make toilet rolls;

How to Make Toilet Paper 

  1. Firstly, you should soak the collected papers in a bucket of water or tub so as to get rid of most of the ink on them. Once you noticed that at least 75% of the inks have been faded out then you should remove the papers.
  2. Place the paper into your pot with sufficient water that would be a little higher in same level as the papers. Add a handful of grasses and leaves to make that the paper fibres stick together, now you can heat the pot up with a low temperature for up to an hour.
  3. You need to increase the temperature so that the paper can turn into a pulp, this should go for 30 minutes. Sieve any risen foamy liquid from the top with a spoon and if necessary you can add more water to it.
  4. Now grab the pot from the heat and carefully scoop out any disturbing pulp, then wait till it cools down and settles before removing the remaining water from it. Do not allow the pulp to dry up with the paper.
  5. Now meticulously place the pulp back into the pot and add a few drops of baby oil or better still aloe oil, and thoroughly mix it with a spoon to make the pulp soften.
  6. Pick up the towel and spread on a hard flat surface and then place the pulp on it, roll the pulp with a rolling pin so that it can flatten, make it thinner and then hammer down any lumps using a mallet to flatten it into the same level with the rest, then you can roll it up.
  7. Now you need to spread another towel on top of the pulp and then place a flat board on the towel and add weight to it, “a very heavy one”, by doing this you squeeze out exceeds water that still remains on the paper.
  8. Wait till after 30 minutes, then remove the weights and the board, now flip the towel over so the button towel is now facing the top, then you can now remove the top towel.
  9. Now we still have the bottom towel with the rolled out paper, you should place it in the sun to allow it to dry up.
  10. After it has dried up, you can easily remove the paper from the towel and cut it to stripes of your preferred sizes and it is ready for use.
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That is how to make a toilet paper in your home, if this has been helpful kindly share this post to your friends and loved ones to try it out.


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