How To Remove Dark Knuckles In Nigeria: Spots Removal Creams

How To Remove Dark Knuckles In Nigeria: Spots Removal Creams

What cream removes dark knuckles? Usually, it is an embarrassing thing when you wish to eat in public events and you couldn’t mainly because of the blemish on your knuckles, this post is centered on how to remove dark knuckles with the help of the 5 creams we will recommend.

Exposure to the sun, bleaching, dead skin cells, wearing of rings, laundry, dirt, dehydration, certain habits such as smoking, among others, are factors that can alter the tone of the knuckles of the hands and also the feet, they are the causes of dark knuckles.

If you have been worried and tried a lot of creams or oils just to get rid of dark knuckles but all to no avail then you are in the right place.

We have taken our time to research and list the best natural creams to get rid of dark knuckles without stress.

The most interesting thing is that you can easily get these creams from your local stores, markets, online store and pharmaceutical shops.

For Nigerians, this happens mostly to ladies and the cause is due to bleaching, when a lady gets to a particular stage in her life she wants to be appealing to the opposite sex and the inferiority complex of thinking a dark skin isn’t beautiful or attractive enough cause such a lady to opt for bleaching cream.

We have bleaching cream for different skin types but the majority do not go for tests before dashing into a beauty store to buy a cream, in this sense, they get poor results.

Aside from bleaching, another issue with dark spots on knuckles in Africa or Nigeria is the weather condition, when your skin is being exposed to excess sun then you tend to have dark knuckles.

Never forget eczema and psoriasis can also be a cause of dark knuckles and these are natural skin diseases of which when not taken care of it can cause you to dislike your skin.

When you have dark knuckles you automatically lose confidence, you become uncomfortable most especially when you are in the public, the good news is that we have compiled a list of organic products that have been used and received positive reviews by customers so that your dark knuckles can be a thing of the past and you can earn back your lost self-esteem and confidence.

5 Best Creams To Remove Dark Knuckles In Nigeria

Below are the list of the top best creams to cure dark knuckles without having any form of skin reactions or damage to the skin:

#1. Pr. Francoise Bedon Lightening Cream For Hands & Feet

When talking about the best dark knuckle remover cream the first option that comes to mind is Pr. Francoise Bedon Lightening cream. The cream is specifically made for the purpose of helping you to remove the dark knuckles permanently. It works excellently for the hand, elbows and even the toes.

What intrigues the most is that it is 100% natural dark spots remover, it is mild and gentle on the skin and you can just use it as a normal skin moisturizer, you just apply it to the dark area of your skin and watch how the spots clear out within a short period of days.

This cream is rich in Vitamin E which prevents aging, it works for scars and also stretch marks, it removed skin blemishes totally. There have been huge positive reviews about this product and also with the help of lab scientists (dermatologists) verification of its efficiency and safety for the skin.

The cream will give you plain skin color, smoothen your skin and make you have clean and clear skin with no blemish.

#2. Amlactin Alpha-Hydroxyl Acid Body Lotion

This is a bit popular but for the benefit of those seeing this name for the first time, Amlactin is a body lotion that has been proven to be effective against any form of skin blemish be it dark knuckles, acne spots, dark elbows, dark feet and so on.

The addition of alpha-hydroxyl acid helps renew dead skin, clear spots and provide the skin with the needed nutrients to keep it glowing.

Usage of this skin lotion will work wonders on your skin beyond your expectations, all dead skin cells will be removed and you have healthy skin growth.

#3. Bismid Dark Knuckles Remover Cream

This is another dark knuckles remover cream, it unifies your skin, gives it a stable tone once applied to the affected parts either on the knuckles, elbows, or spots from eczema or scratches.

This cream provides your skin with every nutrient needed from the extracted natural ingredients used to produce the cream.

It has the presence of exfoliating ingredients, it repairs bad skin and eliminates any visible spots and there has been a positive review by the users of the cream stating that it clears stubborn spots and make your skin look like that of a baby.

#4. Yellow Peeling Oil

There is no doubt that this has been one of the best dark knuckles removers in Nigeria, it is super effective and has exfoliating properties which bring alive dead body cells.

Yellow Peeling Oil gives you a balanced skin tone, removes blemishes, brightens the skin after removal of the spots and rejuvenates the entire skin.

For those that have very sensitive skin, you might not be comfortable with it and once that is noticed you should stop using it.

Some said they do feel a hot sensation while using the oil and also some have itches, this is to show how effective the oil is but should in case you have a persistent itch or not so good experience while using it we advise you to stop the application of it.

#5. Purec Egyptian Magic Whitening Gold Lotion

Purec Egyptian Magic Whitening Gold lotion is specifically made for facial and body, you can rub this on like your normal cream. The cream is being made from egg yolks with L-Glutathione which makes dark knuckles removal looks like magic, it also smothens the skin in general.

As we said earlier, our list consist of natural creams that has its extracts from natural roots or animals. This makes it effective with no side effects. It has anti-aging properties that makes your skin replenish and glows.

To further make your skin much more beautiful and attractive you will get a little tone to your skin.

Mind you, with this cream you will notice a quick result within the first 14 days of using it, you will also get protection from harsh temperature with a uniform skin tone.


We need to clarify that there are hundreds of organic dark knuckles removal in the market but we have only mentioned those that have been well tested and confirmed good. This doesn’t mean others are not good as we cannot test and make a review on all the products in the market.

Mind you, your skin type also determines which one will work best for you though the listed ones here have been good with most skin types.

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