How to Remove Nigerian Tribal Marks and Scars

tribal marks

Tribal marks are one of the cultural identification recognized by some tribes in Nigeria. Some tribes such as the Yoruba and Hausa and some other smaller tribes such as the Igalas provide their children with tribal marks as a form of tribal identification. Some of the marks are given on the cheeks, the forehead, the chest, the hands, and back. 

 It was stated that long before Nigeria gained its independence, a person was recognized by the tribal marks the person was wearing, as each tribe has its unique style of giving their tribal marks. With the advent of civilization, religion, science, and technology, the culture of giving tribal marks is quietly fading out, as these tribes now know that there are other safer means of identifying themselves other than with these tribal marks. But the problem now is with those who have gotten the marks, and who are looking for a way to remove the marks from their body. 

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Eliminating of these marks is one challenging task as the marks are prepared in such a manner that the person who receives the marks will carry it until death, but in this piece, we will look at a few solutions which are  available for the removal of tribal marks;


This is one approach used in the minimization of scars such as marks. It includes the use of fibers or substances that wear or rubs off the old layer of the epidermis where the scars are most noticeable and then stimulating the skin to regenerate new cells which will then gradually fade out the scars.

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-Laser surgery

This is a more current method used to decrease old scars such as tribal marks. However, it is a more costly procedure that can be effective for the removal of the marks. This Laser surgery operates by combusting the top layer of the epidermis so that a new one can be adequately restored. It usually requires the person going for more than just a session.

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In both cases, some chemicals containing Vitamin E and also collagen is typically used in stimulating the skin to rebuild itself after the procedure.

The human body has a normal way of fading out these marks over some time, but a little aid can speed up this process.


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