How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms Forever

flabby arms

Do you have flabby arms that you are not too proud of and you don’t feel comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts then your solution is here? It’s not uncommon that excess fats accumulate on your arms once your overweight – this commonly called flabby arms.

 Anatomically, the part of the arm most affected by overweight is the triceps area located at the back of your upper arm, it is the large muscle primarily responsible for straightening of the arms.

Flabby Arms

 Basically, there are two main causes of flabby arms, firstly- age and secondly body fats. As the body becomes older, the skin and some muscles become saggier losing its elasticity and mostly noticed in the upper part of our hands.

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Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. But for the second, caused by body fat/overweight we can easily get rid of it, you will learn how to easily do that below.

Getting rid of flabby arms and toning it in takes a bit of work on your part but results are near fetched and can become visible in a matter of weeks.

Getting rid of flabby arms assuming you stay on the appropriate nutrition can be effected easily through:-

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1. Resistance exercise

a. Tricep dips – this is an effective exercise against flabby arms, it requires no much equipment, the only equipment needed is a chair or a well-balanced object of some night above the ground and is capable of carrying your weight. Repeat 8-10times. See image:

triceps dip

b. Push-ups – doing the normal push-ups at least 8-10 times helps rid of flabby arms. See image below:

push ups

 c. Triceps kickbacks – this exercise requires 1-2 kg weights.Repeat 5- 10 times See image below:

Flabby Arms

 d. Triceps Extension – still with 1-2 kg weights repeat 5-10 times. See image below:


 Please note, don’t stay conformed to stannous exercise to avoid injuries.

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2. Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps the efficient functioning of the various systems of the body. Also drinking water helps one eat less and keeps the body hydrated.

3. Stay on a Diet

Excess fat is a result of excessive food or inappropriate diets. Be conscious of what you eat, eat foods that will help you keep fit and eliminate fat foods.


Getting rid of flabby arms although needs a bit of work, is not impossible, if done well you will start getting result in less than one month. Stay healthy.

Image credits: popsugar/apexprofoundbeauty/pulseos/womenhealthmag


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