How To Start A Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

Barbing salon business remains one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria. Irrespective of how bad Nigeria’s economy is, barbers will continue to make money as long as they continue to barb hairs. We all know hairs won’t stop growing because of recession or bad economy and an average man will barb his hair at least once a month. So, no doubt, the barbing salon business is a lucrative business to venture into.

In case you are ready to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria, this article will guide you on what is needed to start and what is expected of you.

Barbing salons are used to refer to shops where males and some females cut their hair, trim their mustaches, and are involved in all other hair and beauty-related activities. Before you can start making money barbing hairs, below are some of the steps you need to carry out in starting a successful barbing salon business in Nigeria.

How To Start A Successful Barbing Salon In Nigeria

A Barbing salon can be set up whether you have the skills of barbing or not. You can take these steps to set yours up.

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1. Make your Researches

Before starting any business including a barbing salon business, you need to make researches about the business. One of the reasons why most businesses fail is because the owner invests in what he/she doesn’t understand. Even if you don’t know how to barb, take time to learn what is needed for the business to thrive, where your target audience is located, and how much they are selling the equipment needed.

2. Get Training/Employee

To set a successful barbing salon business in Nigeria, you need to either learn how to barb or employ those who are skilled in barbing. This is important as it determines the quality of services you will be rendered to your customers. If you decide to learn it, at least about 3 months will be needed to master the skills including how to handle clippers, trim beards, and so on. Even though this isn’t a must, but having basic knowledge about the business will help a lot.

3. Find A Suitable Location

In any business, finding a suitable location is important. Before choosing a location or shop for your barbing salon business, ensure it is a residential area where your customers will find it easy in accessing your services.  Most Males shave after work or during the weekend.

You should also consider your budget and the size of the shop before renting it.

4. Furnish And Paint Your Shop

Once you have selected a shop in a good area, where you are sure your service will be accessible by your target audience. The next step is to furnish and paint the shop.

Since it is a barbing shop, it should be colorful and aesthetic. If you have ever visited a barbing salon, you will realize it is always relaxing and cool. You should make yours similar to that also. Ensure the environment is friendly and lovely to your customers to keep them coming.

5. Get the Necessary Equipment

  • Clippers

One of the most important pieces of equipment for barbers is clippers. Even though some people do have their clippers, a lot of customers will use yours. So, they should be of quality and not fairly used. This is to make your work faster and prevent you from repairing it always.

  • Sterilizers

Sterilizers are another must-have equipment for barbers. It goes hand in hand with the Clippers. Sterilizers help to wade off diseases when used in removing germs by sterilizing the clippers.

  • Large Wall Mirrors

You will need at least two large wall mirrors to enable your customers to monitor their hair during barbing. This is to enable them to check their hairstyle and appearance out after barbing.

Depending on the size of the shop, the mirror is placed both at the front and the back of the shop.

  • Chairs

Another required material used in setting up a standard barbing salon business is the chairs. You need at least a rotating chair for barbing and a long chair for customers to seat while waiting for their turn.

  • Electronics

Most Barbing salons use electronics like sound system, television, DSTV/GOTV, and so on. This is just to attract customers and keep those who will be waiting busy for their turn. Electronics help to keep the barbing salons lively.

  • Generator

Barbers need electricity to operate most of their appliances including electronics also. Seeing how poor the power outage in Nigeria is, you will need to have a standby generator you can turn to during power failure.

Other equipment you may also need include;

  • Comb and brush
  • Scissors and blades
  • Tissue papers
  • Towels
  • Standing fans/ Air Conditioners
  • Cover Clothes
  • Hair creams
  • Sprays
  • After shelve
  • Facial Powder
  • Dyes and Relaxers
  • conditioners
  • Head washing basin
  • Barbing salon pictures and wallpapers etc.

6. Get the Required License and Name Your Business

Most crafts and skills in Nigeria have their specific trade unions. While you are thinking of what to name your business, we advise you to get the required license and join the necessary trade union.

7. Promote Your Business

The last thing you need to do in starting a barbing salon business is to promote the business. You should erect good Billboards for your business at strategic places to attract potential customers. Tell people about your services as well as trying out other marketing strategies.

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Starting A Successful Barbing Salon Business

Even though the barbing salon business is one of the lucrative business ideas. The amount of money you will make in your business will depend on your location, the cost of the barbing per head, the hours you put into the work, and the quality of services rendered. We advised you to pay attention to these factors to increase your earnings exponentially.


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