Lucrative Business To Start With 100k in Nigeria

Top 10 Lucrative Business To Start with 100k in Nigeria

If you are searching for a lucrative business to start in Nigeria with 100k or less, this article contains many businesses you can venture into that can give you huge returns and profit.

With the current level of Nigeria’s economy, it’s hard to sustain a normal standard of living with the meager salary being paid. Even Corpers and undergraduates know better than to wait for an inexistent white-collar job.

The reason why you should consider investing in any of the listed lucrative business to start in Nigeria below.

10 Top Lucrative Business To Start In Nigeria With 100k or less

While the thought of multiplying your funds or capital is awesome, these businesses aren’t quick to the rich scheme. They require efforts, determination, consistency, and good sets of knowledge before yielding profits.

1. Mobile Phone Accessories

The selling of mobile phone accessories is a lucrative business to start in Nigeria. The business has the tendency of yielding good profit with little risk if managed well.

With 100k, selling of Phone accessories like phone case, earphones, screen guard, mobile phone cover, and many more in a kiosk is achievable. Depending on you, you can also combine selling recharge cards and phone charging with it. This type of business is best located at the side of a busy road or environment.

2. Snail Farming

If you have a basic knowledge of snail rearing or looking into an Agricultural business, you can choose to venture into Snail farming. Snail farming is a lucrative business to start in Nigeria.

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It’s capable of yielding huge profits as Snail is needed by hotels, restaurants, and many other shops in large quantities. Like other businesses, Snail farming requires a lot of effort, determination, and knowledge to produce good results.

3. Restaurant Business

If you have good culinary skills, you can venture into the Restaurant business. With 100k or less, you can start cooking foods for professionals, students, and other individuals who don’t have the time for cooking.

A strategic place is required for this type of business. It’s expected you carry out good research before venturing into this business.

4. Fairly Used Clothes and Bags(OKRIKA)

Selling of fairly used clothes is also a lucrative business to start in Nigeria. Many ladies and women like to look good and will buy any affordable products that can help to achieve that. Okrika is cheap, unique and long-lasting.

You can make a huge profit by buying at a cheaper price and still sells it at a cheap price without interfering with your profit. Students highly dominated area and busy roads are good locations for selling fairly used products.

5. Organic Skin Care Products

This is another lucrative business to start in Nigeria. Organic Skin Care Products has a lot of potential customers who are aware of the side effects and harm posed by inorganic products.

It’s quite popular among ladies and women these days. You can take this advantage to venture into the business and start producing organic bathing soaps, body creams, body scrubs, and so on.

Despite its huge returns, you will need to learn and master organic skincare production either by attending trainings or watching videos on YouTube.

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6. Laundry/ Dry Cleaning Business

The laundry/ Dry Cleaning Business is also a lucrative business to start in Nigeria. You can start with just 100k or even less. All you need in starting the business is to buy a small washing machine with irons and rent a shop outlet.

You can start small and upgrade your business later. Laundry/ Dry Cleaning Business sells in busy cities like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and others, where professionals, entrepreneurs, and some students don’t have the time to wash their clothes. Where they prefer to delegate to people who render such services.

7. E-Payment and POS Business

E-Payment and POS Business is another lucrative business to start in Nigeria with less than 100k. To start this business is quite simple and easy. Just go to any bank you will like to be their agent. Register under them and you will be given a POS for free or at a fair price(depending on the bank).

E-Payment and POS Business is lucrative and will yield a huge profit especially when it’s located in an area that is far from the banks. Start charging them a token and people will gladly pay instead of stressing themselves to go to the bank.

8. Barbing Salon

Despite the fact that the Barbing Salon business is a lucrative business you can start with 100k in Nigeria, it requires the knowledge of barbing. You need to learn how to barb before going into the business.

Almost every weekend, males and some females cut their hairs or even trim it. Some also shave their beards. With this type of demand for barbers, you can invest 100k into the business by buying clippers, sterilizers, small size generator, combs, creams with a strategic shop rented in a busy location. No doubt, the business will produce a huge return if managed well.

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9. Pop-Corn Production and Sales

Pop-Corn production is one of the
Lucrative business to start in Nigeria. Considering the fact that, almost everyone loves Pop-Corn as a snack and it’s a good companion for relaxation.

With 100k or less, you can buy the necessary equipment and materials including sugar, flavor, salt, butter, Pop-Corn machine, and the corn itself. To get more sales and makes a rapid profit, we advised you to stay near the relaxation center like cinemas, sports center or even beside a busy road.

10. Football Viewing Centre

We all know how large football fans are. Many of them visit Football Viewing Centre at least once a week. Most of them will pay a token just to watch their beloved team.

If you also love or have little football knowledge, you can also venture into it. It’s one of the lucrative business to start in Nigeria. With just 100k, you will buy the necessary equipment for establishing your own Football Viewing Centre. Equipment like small generator, flatscreen television, DSTV or GOTV decoder, and so on is what you will need. Read Also: 8 Things To Know Before Starting A Business in Nigeria

The above-mentioned are the businesses in Nigeria you can start with 100k. Before investing in any of the businesses, we advise you to take time to understand how it works, its problems, and challenges. Doing that helps to prevent your business from Collapsing. We hope you find the list of our lucrative business to do in Nigeria helpful.


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