How To Start Profitable Hair Stylist Salon In Kenya

Women love to make good hair likewise men also, most men look good whenever they have a good haircut and for a man to look takeaway, it depends on his stylist. As a stylist, you need to note that no matter how good you are if you want to attract more customers you need to set up your stylist saloon. You open a barbing saloon in an unwelcome environment or an unkempt environment and you expect customers to come. No! It is not done that way, in this article we would discuss how you can set up a good stylist shop that would attract customers.

The first thing you need to consider whenever you want to set up a stylish saloon is location. Make sure you choose an environment that looks good where people stay a lot because location attracts a lot. If your location is bad and not accessible, people would not patronize you even if you are good. So choose a good location for your stylist shop or barbing saloon.

Another important point is this, buy all necessary barbing equipment such as Barber Chairs and Chair Parts, Barber Poles, Barber Wet Stations, Cutting Stools, Shoe Shine Stations, Sanitizers, Sterilizers, Hot Towel Cabinets., Scissors/shears Electric Clippers, Straight razors, Combs, Brushes, Neck Dusters, Mirror, etc. Having these necessary equipment shows that you mean business.

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This third point should not joke with because this is what attracts lots. You have to furnish your barbing saloon, people will always patronize you when your stylist is well arranged and furnished. Most men love to have their haircut in a saloon that is presentable that can be shown to friends. Tile the floor, paint the walls with nice colors, and use transparent glasses for the doors for it to look more attractive. You must have a standby generator because electricity is not that dependable. It is not bad to have a Television set, a decoder such as Dstv, Go-TV or star times, home theatre, an executive chair for waiting customers, an air conditioner or fan, magazines and newspaper on the table for awaiting customers.

In addition, employ professional stylists to join you in the work. You can not do it all alone you need people. who would be a helping hand for you? Look for a professional stylist who can make the good cuts and pay them to work with you. This will increase sales and boost the productivity of your salon. In addition, it will help in saving time in which customers need to wait before they are called up for a haircut.

The last point is this, create awareness for people. Distribute flyers to people around your saloon to inform them about your existence. You can also create awareness through the playing of music whenever your barbing salon is opened.
In conclusion, no profession is bad, it depends on how you present yourself to your prospective customers. So set up your stylist shop in a way that would attract customers.

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