Husband Cheats on Wife, Contracts Coronavirus From Lover

A traitorous husband who caught the coronavirus on a secret break in Italy with his lover is now isolated in the UK with his wife, who has no idea how he got it. The woman has no idea how her partner got Covid-19, but the man confessed to medical coordinators in northern England.

The traitorous husband told them that he contracted the virus while he was on a secret hotspot holiday. The “well-heeled” man was reported to be working in a “high-profile job” declined to name the mysterious woman he is seeing.

A source told the newspaper: ‘Your case would be funny if it weren’t so serious. The man confessed what he was doing in Italy and that his wife has no idea. She thinks he just got it on his business trip.

Although the patient admitted to the doctors what had happened, he said that nothing would convince him to name his lover. ‘The total number of confirmed cases in the UK is 1,543. Fifty-six people are known to have died of the virus in Britain.

He is expected to recover completely from the infection, but is said to be in “blind panic” upon discovering his wife. But the source said he was relieved to be back before flights were canceled and that he had to explain to his wife where he was.

The Briton left before Italy went into confinement, as the country – the hardest hit in Europe – suffered 2,158 deaths. The country’s oldest fatality was 95 years old and the two youngest to die were 39 years old. Its hardest-hit region, Lombardy, is showing signs that the spread of the virus is slowing.


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