India Visa For Nigerians; Requirements, Embassies, and How To Apply

This guide contains everything you need to know about the Indian Visa for Nigerians. This is including how to apply for an Indian visa in Nigeria, requirements as well as the location of Indian embassies in Nigeria.

India which is one of the most popular countries in the world gives India visas to Nigerians and others for various purposes. Whether you need to seek medical treatments or visit relatives or study or work in the country and so on. Find below the types of India visas that can be issued out of their criteria.

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Types of Indian Visa For Nigerians

Irrespective of your reason for applying for the India visa in Nigeria, there are two categories of Indian visa. It can either be short term visa or long term.

1. Short term Visa

A short term visa is a type issued to travelers who are visiting the country for a short period. The visa lasts for only 90 days which started from the day of issuance. Examples of such short term visa include Indian business visas, Indian medical visa, and so on.

2. Long-term Visa

A long-term visa can take a year or more before it expired. This type of Indian visa for Nigerians is for long-term usage. Examples of such visas include India Students Visa, India Employment Visa, and so on.

Below are some types of Indian Visa you can apply for

1. Indian Medical Visa

India has one of the best medical knowledge and expertise in the world with diverse practitioners, institutions, and technologies. It’s common to see Health practitioners referring cases to some accredited institutions in the country. To seek an Indian medical visa, you must have a referral letter from your current hospital stating your conditions with other details.

2. Employment Visa

Whether you secure a job in India or you’re an expert at a particular field looking for a job, you can apply for an India visa in Nigeria. It can be as a foreign technician, CEO or senior staff of multi-national company, highly skilled and creative individual.

3. Indian Business Visa

Many business owners have to travel to India to attend meetings while some visit the country to secure new deals. Whatever business-related actions you are traveling for, ensure you indicate the specific reason for the visa to sound genuine.

4. Indian Students Visa

This is for students that are thinking of studying a course in the country. The Applicant must have the invitation or admission letter of the school indicating the programs and duration of the study.

Other forms of Indian Visa for Nigerians may include Entry Visa, Research visa, Intern visa, Film visa, Journalist visa, Emergency visa, Transit visa, Missionaries visa.

General Requirements of Applying for Indian Visa for Nigerians

Below are some of the needs and requirements to apply for an Indian visa for Nigerians.

  • An already filled India visa application form with the signature of the applicant.
  • A Nigerian passport with at least 6-month validity
  • Data page copy of the International Passports (colored)
  • A recent passport (picture) of the Applicant
  • Nigerian passport photocopies showing data like the applicant picture and bio-data
  • The Processing fee of the Visa
  • An Introductory Letter
  • Invitation Letter From the Indian
    host and other related documents depending on the reason for the visit
  • Yellow card or Oral Polio card to serve as evidence of vaccination.

How To Apply For Indian Visa As a Nigerian

You can start your India Visa application online or visit any of the Indian embassies in Nigeria. Follow these steps to start an Indian visa application in Nigeria

  • Visit the Indian online Visa Portal to access the application form.
  • Fill the form with your accurate details and print it out.
  • Sign the filled form both on the first and second page
  • Visit any of the Indian Embassies in Nigeria with the already filled form with other requirements to start the processing.

Note: there may be additional documents required depending on the type of visa you are applying for. The visa fee is also not fixed, you may pay more than $245 depending on the visa duration and type.

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Indian Visa Embassies in Nigeria with Their Contacts

There are two Indian Visa embassies in Nigeria and they are both located in Abuja and Lagos State. Below are the contacts of the two embassies

1. The Lagos State Indian High Commission

Physical Address: 15, Walter Carrington Crescent (previously called Eleke Crescent) in Victoria Island

Telephone no:+00234-1-280-9966

Fax No:+00234-1-280-9969

Email: [email protected]

2. The Abuja Indian High Commission, Abuja

Physical Address: No. 364, Cadastral Zone around the Central Business Area (CBD).

Telephone No: +234-7080622800-4

Fax No: +234-7080622805

More on Indian Visa for Nigerians

After submitting the requirements, it takes at least 3 working days before the visa can be granted. That is why it is advisable to apply for it at least 2 weeks before your departure date. We hope you find our guide on Indian visas for Nigerians helpful?


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