INEC Salary Structure: See How Much INEC Staff Earns

INEC salary structure, official function, history as well as INEC ranks are what you will read in this article. Do you wish to work with the electoral bodies? Continue reading this article to learn more about INEC salary structure and how much they pay their workers.

More About INEC

The electoral body commission INEC, which full meaning is Independent National Electoral Commission was established in 1998. It is saddled with the responsibility of conducting free and fair elections as well as counting the number of votes.

In the organization, there is the regular staff who are employed by the Commission and paid regularly. There is also the Ad-hoc staff who are recruited to help the regular staff out with their work. Mostly, they are usually employed when the election period is near. Further, NYSC corpers are used for this task. Hence, it is normal to see an NYSC corper working with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

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Find below the official duties and functions of the INEC.

  • They conduct and oversee all elections in the country ranging from that of the President & Vice President, Governor & Deputy Governor, House of Representatives, Members of the senate, and so on.
  • Political parties registration and regulations ensuring they follow the governing rules and regulations
  • Creating voting awareness and education
  • Auditing and Yearly examination of political parties account

Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC Ranks

INEC rank is based solely on qualifications and years of experience. The staff is recruited to different positions depending on their qualifications. Hence, it is easier to get hired and promoted as an INEC staff if you have good qualifications.

Below are some of the positions and ranks available in the Independent National Electoral Commission.

  • Director
  • Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO)
  • Assistant Presiding officer
  • The Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager
  • The Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH) officer

INEC Salary Structure

Like every other governmental agency, INEC’s salary structure is made in such a way that the higher your rank, the higher the amount being paid. Thus, it means your qualifications will determine your rank and your rank determines your salary. So, if you are looking towards becoming an INEC staff, we advise you to increase your qualifications to be able to earn more.

Salary Structure for INEC Ad-hoc Staffs

How much does INEC pay Corpers? As said earlier most NYSC Corpers serving with the electoral bodies are hired as Ad-hoc staff and paid accordingly. Below is the INEC salary structure for Ad-hoc staff.

  • The Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) who is a Grade 10-14 earns between ₦ 1,060,833 to ₦2,101,600 annually.
  • A Presiding officer (PO) / Assistant Presiding officer (APO) who is at Grade 7 earns between ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually
  • The Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager who is at grade 7 earns between ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually
  • Also, the Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH) who is at grade 7 earns between ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually.

Full List of the Salary Structure of INEC Staffs

According to the INEC salary structure, below is the list of the current salary paid by INEC to its staff.

  • School Leavers who are in Grade Level 4 earns between ₦376,194 to ₦497,000 annually
  • Diploma Certificate Holders who are in Grade Level 7 earns between ₦638,133 to ₦961,577 annually
  • Graduates who are in Grade Level 8 earns between ₦799,421 to ₦1,174,395 annually
  • A director who is in Grade Level 14 earns between ₦1,503,149 to ₦2,101,600 annually.

Allowances and Staff Welfare Benefits

Apart from the salary which is paid to its workers according to the INEC salary structure, there are also a lot of benefits for the workers. INEC paid different allowances for different workers for different reasons. For instance, during elections, the electoral staff are given between N1000 to N3000 for transportation. This is among many other benefits.

Further, most benefits are usually in monetary terms but not all. There are also health, insurance as well as transportation (official cars) benefits. This is done to boost the morale of workers to work effectively.

Below are some of the benefits entitled to by an INEC staff.

1. Transport Allowance

The electoral commission gives its workers transport fee especially when they are on official assignments like assisting with elections. N1000 is given out per day to each staff as a transportation allowance.

Depending on the rank of the electoral officer, an official car may also be provided for transporting the staff.

2. Accommodation

This is also one of the benefits entitled to by an INEC staff apart from the major salary that is being paid according to the INEC salary structure. Although this benefit usually applies to high-ranking officials, stipends are given to cover that.

3. Medical Care

One of the areas of welfare that the Independent national electoral commission is saddled with is the medical care of its workers. The governmental organizations ensure the staff is medically fit to participate in the electoral process before assigning them to their various tasks.

4. Cooperative Society

It is common to see government and private workers creating a cooperative society for their benefit. The same applies to the INEC staff as they gather to help each other with the pool of private assets of all the members. Also, they help in lifting the financial status as well as other staff capability.

5. Training

It is normal to get trained especially after being newly employed. INEC provides the opportunity for its staff to be trained immediately and after employment. To help them become effective, consistent training is also given periodically.

6. Promotion

Like every other job, INEC staff are also entitled to promotion. Depending on the performance of each staff and qualifications, they are promoted after passing an assessment.

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7. Pension

Pension is also one of the benefits INEC staff enjoyed. They are part of the benefactors of the government assistance pension scheme. INEC staff are paid the compensation monthly.

More About INEC Salary Structure

Working with a reputable organization like the Independent national electoral commission has a lot of benefits. Apart from the salary that is being paid using the INEC salary structure, and benefits, networking and having a good connection is one of its advantages.

Although INEC recruitment processes are usually strict and competitive, gaining such employment is usually worth it after.