Current Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks

This article presents an in-depth report that gives you the needed insight on Nigerian Army Salary Structure, Available ranks and their respective Salaries. Firstly, let’s see the –

History and Functions of The Nigerian Army

Formerly called Royal West African Frontier Force, The Nigerian Army was founded in 1990 and personnels are trained by British colonials to help them fight world war 2.

Functions of The Nigerian Army:

The Functions of this armed Gallant men Includes:

Maintaining of Territorial integrity

Securing its borders, preventing it from Violation on neither land, air or sea.

Defending The country from External aggression

Suppress insecurities within the country and acts in aid of civil Authorities to restore and maintain order.

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Carry out other functions as prescribed by an act if the National Assembly.

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Troops Kill 21 Bandits In Zamfara Nigerian Army Salary Structure

Ranks in The Nigerian Armed Force

Just like in the Nigeria Police force where ranks are significant, the Nigeria Armed force is no different, the practice is also deeply rooted and entrenched as well across all the forces viz Army, Navy and Air Force.

Officers in the Nigerian army are broadly classified into two, namely, Commisioned and Non-Commissioned officers. The former are officers in senior ranks while the later are the very junior officers.

As mentioned above, the Nigerian Armed forces include the Navy, army and Air Force. The Nigeria Army is the land branch forces and the largest among the Nigerian armed forces.

Formations in The Nigerian Army

There are different formations in the Nigeria Army, the major formations includes :

First( 1st) Division

Second( 2nd)Division

Third (3rd) Division

Eighty one (81st) Division

Eighty two (82nd) Division and

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The most recently formed seventh (7th) Division.

Commission Offices of the Nigeria Army

Commissioned officers have 11 ranks. From the lowest to the highest, the ranks include :

11. Second lieutenant
10. First Lieutenant
9. Captain
8. Major
7. Lieutenant colonel
6. Colonel
5. Brigadier
4. Major General
3. Lieutenant General
2. General
1. Field marshal

Non-Commissioned Officers in The Nigerian Army

There are 8 ranks under the non-commissioned officers are they are as follows from lowest to highest.

8. Recruit
7. Private
6. Lance Corporal
5. Corporal
4. Sergeant
3. Staff Sergeant
2. Warrant officer
1. Master Warrant Officer

Salary structure of the Nigerian Army

Considering the amount of risks this officers subject theirselves to in a bid to save lives and protect their country, it’s just natural that they are paid handsomely for their sacrifices, below are the salary structure of the Nigerian Army categorized by their respective ranks.

Like you would have known, salary of each officer depends on the rank.

Salaries of Commissioned Officers are

1. Second lieutenant – N120,000
2. First Lieutenant – N180,000
3. Captain – N220,000
4. Major -N300,000
5. Lieutenant colonel – N350,000
6. Colonel – N550,000
7. Brigadier – N750,000
8. Major General – N950,000
9. Lieutenant General – N1,000,000
10. General – N1,500,000
11. Field marshal – Yet to be attained. Their is no written evidence in Nigeria history of any five star office (field marshal) yet, so we, salary structure for field marshal is yet to be attained.

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Salaries of Non-commissioned officers of the Nigerian Army:

8. Recruit – N/A
7. Private – N49,000
6. Lance Corporal -N55,000
5. Corporal – N58,000
4. Sergeant – N63,000
3. Staff Sergeant – N68,000
2. Warrant officer – N80,000
1. Master Warrant Officer – N90,000

With this, you know more about the Nigerian armed Force and the Nigerian Army Ranks and their Salary structure. If you would want to join the Nigerian army, Read : How To Join The Nigerian Army For University Graduates


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